How to increase eligibility for Arizona Renovation loans

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August 28, 2019
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How to increase eligibility for Arizona Renovation loans

If your just starting out in the flipping business, you may be wondering how to increase your eligibility for renovation loans. Sure the application process is easier than a bank loan, but that doesn’t mean these lenders just give money away. Learn some steps to increase your eligibility-these steps wont just help put your lenders mind at ease, but also help you increase the profits you can earn from your next flip.

By and large renovation lenders are mainly Arizona hard money folks. These lenders focus on property values above all else, which means there’s basically two things they care about:

1.When they’ll get their money back

2.What the value of your property is both now and after you’ve repaired it.

Along these lines, if your in the flipping game you can up eligibility by following these tactics.

Follow these three tactics to improve eligibility for Arizona renovation loans

1,Have a detailed plan before meeting with your lender- Have a clear timetable concerning each repair you’d like to make. Knowing these details and having them on paper will assure your lender about exactly when they’re going to get their money back. Plus it shows that you’ve carefully thought about your project and that you know what you’re talking about.

2.Cite a Realistic resale value- Your lender will want to know that the final sales price of your flip will cover the cost of your loan. So before meeting with a potential lender, know the resale value of comparable properties and know these numbers like the back of your hand.

3.Have enough savings on hand in case something goes wrong- What goes up must come down, and if you have a plan something will go wrong. So before meeting with a potential lender be sure you have enough savings on hand to make loan payments for a couple months, in the event your plans get derailed. Having any sort of financial safety net will greatly ease your lenders mind and improve your eligibility.

Not only will using the above steps improve your chances of getting approved they will also help you risk less and turn a greater profit on your next deal.

Using these tactics wont just improve your eligibility for Arizona renovation loans, theyll help you risk less and make more.

Detailed plan keeps work on track- Having a clear timetable will ensure work stays on schedule and that you’ll pay your loan off as soon as possible. The less time you waste, the lower your loan payments and the more money you’ll make in the end.

Realistic resale value gives realistic profit projections- This will give you peace of mind of knowing how much money you’ll make on your project. It will also help you avoid flipping a 100k house that in the end sells for 105 K.

Having sufficient savings will prevent default- If you can’t make loan payments after work get seriously delayed, you’re going to default. If you default because you can’t keep up with payments, all those blood sweat and tears you’ve expended on your flip will go to waste.

So use the above principles not only to improve your chances of qualifying but to help you risk less and make more on your next flip.

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