The Benefits of Arizona hard money Business loans

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The Benefits of Arizona hard money Business loans

If your business needs cash, but banks keep turning you down, theres one option you might not have considered-Arizona hard money business loans. Learn what it is and how it might just be the right help for your business.

First what is Arizona hard money? Arizona hard money is basically any loan secured by the value of a hard asset. This could be your storefront, some form of inventory or even your primary residence.

You might be asking yourself “isn’t that the same thing as a secured business loan?”

Well, not exactly.

Heres a just a few ways conventional Arizona business loans fall short:

Banks give loans to business secured by collateral all the time, so how is Arizona hard money any different? Well banks also secure their loans based on your credit score which means their loans are:

• Hard to qualify for- Traditional business lenders only give funding to businesses with solid credit scores. So if you need financing to help improve your businesses’ cash flow, to help pay your bills and improve your credit score, a regular business lender wont help you.

• Inflexible: If you go to the bank asking for a loan to finance an investment that is even the least bit speculative your application is basically a no-go. The loan officer at the bank will likely put your business plan through the ringer. Even after they give you funding there will likely be limits as to how you can use that funding spelled out in the terms of your loan documents.

• Take forever—Banks will spend weeks if not months, sitting on their hands combing through the details of your application before closing your deal. So if you need funding to cover an unforeseen expense, going to a traditional lender is basically a waste of time.

Heres how Arizona hard money excels when compared to conventional business loans.

Unlike banks, Arizona hard money providers secure their loans solely based on the value of your assets, so credit is not a factor which means these loans are:

• Easy to qualify for: Like we said credit isn’t an issue, so if your business is essentially dead, Arizona hard money could finance an investment which could resurrect your balance sheet.

• Flexible: Arizona hard money providers wont restrict how you can use their funds. If you want a business loan to program a virtual reality store front, a Arizona hard money provider wont stop you. Whether a building a store in virtual reality is a wise investment is another question.

• Fast: If your all your inventory is currently sitting under six feet of water do you have months to wait on the banks ponderous application process? Probably not. Well Arizona hard money a quick appraisal of the property backing your loan is all thats needed to qualify. So Arizona hard money can help your business quickly get back on its feet in the face of an unforeseen disaster.

So if your business needs funding, but lacks a stellar credit score, you need funding for a speculative investment or you just need money quickly, Arizona hard money could be the help your business needs.

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