Top 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Arizona Private Money Lenders

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Top 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Arizona Private Money Lenders

Unless you’re in the industry or personally know some Arizona private money lenders, it’s hard to know what they’re really like. They’re actually just like people you meet every day, but they’ve built up wealth and like to lend their personal money out.

1. They usually fund projects they have expertise in. It’s only natural that private money lenders in Arizona, would gravitate back to the areas they know well. For example, those who have personally done fix-and-flips or rentals will often fund those deals for others once they’ve accumulated wealth. The logic behind this is simple: because they know the industry, they can assess the risk of lending on any given project fairly easily.

2. They’ve been where you are. More often than not, they funded their initial projects with hard money and had great experiences with it. It’s quite common for someone who’s really adept within a certain niche to build up their wealth and then turn around and lend to people doing what they once did.

3. They’re living the dream. Most don’t live wild lives, but by the time they’re ready to invest in the projects of others, they’re usually living pretty comfortable lives and spending their days doing what they enjoy instead of the daily grind.

4. They prefer working with brokers. Scoping out deals, examining the details, and overseeing all the paperwork is a ton of work. Many investors don’t want to bother with it or it’s outside the scope of their expertise. Life is easier for them when they have brokers find their deals and get things hammered out for them, and so you’ll often have more luck getting a loan from one if you connect with a broker first.

They Want You to Be Successful

Many people wonder what motivates private money lenders in Arizona to offer up their own cash. The short version is, they want you to generate more cash with it. They’ve likely already done the job you’re doing now and have accumulated enough wealth to be able to lend it out, which frankly, is a whole lot easier than being in the trenches of a rehab project or new build. They’re excited to see you grow and, at the same time, your success is theirs too. If you run a successful project, they want to be first in line to fund your next one too. It’s a win-win situation.

They’ve got cash in hand and are eager to lend.

Most private money lenders in Arizona continue reinvesting their money. Oftentimes, they’re already looking for a new deal to fund before their last one is totally paid back. It’s the nature of the business—they can’t continue to grow if their money is just sitting around, so if their money isn’t actively being used, it’s burning a hole in their pocket and making them uncomfortable. Now that we’ve recovered from the recession, investors are hungrily looking for the next deal they can fund, so if you’ve got a solid business plan in mind, it’s the ideal time to bring it to life with their help.

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