What is a Arizona hard money Lender?

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What is a Arizona hard money Lender?

A word like Arizona hard money lenders might make you think these lenders give you literal Arizona hard money in the form of gold bars instead of cash, or make you endure a week on a desert island before they can approve your application. Arizona hard money is actually easier to get than other types of financing. In this article we’ll explain what Arizona hard money is and some specific it could help you, especially if you’re a real-estate investor.

Arizona hard money basically a private, short term loan secured by a hard asset. Asset based and short term, words like that don’t exactly make you want to jump out of your chair do they?

Well the fact that Arizona hard money is both, asset based and short term has some exciting implications-especially for certain types of borrowers.

Because Arizona hard money loans are asset based, they can be the real deal for borrowers with bad credit or those who need fast funding.

The fact that Arizona hard money is asset based means qualifying is easy and so is the application process.

First, unlike other lenders, Arizona hard money providers don’t need to spend months scrutinizing financial documents. A quick appraisal is usually all thats needed to close a deal. If other investors are scrambling to secure a lucrative property Arizona hard money can give you the funds you need to make a full cash offer before your competition does.

Second because Arizona hard money is asset based its the quality of the property your purchasing that counts, not your credit score. If your finances are in the doldrums, Arizona hard money providers can still help you if you a solid real-estate investment in mind.

So if your credit score is in the pits, or if you can’t wait on the bank application process, you can use the asset based nature of Arizona hard money to your advantage. However, given the short term nature of Arizona hard money, it should be used strategically.

Use these tactics to use Arizona hard money loans especially if you need cash fast or have poor credit

Arizona hard money is supposed to be paid off quickly, and when it comes to paying off Arizona hard money deals, theres basically two r’s so to speak, to resell or to refinance.

• Reselling with Arizona hard money can help you if you have credit issues- If you need a lot of cash to pay off some old debts, sprucing up a distressed property and reselling it for a profit is a great way to go about it. In this case a quick and profitable resale of a distressed property will pay off your initial Arizona hard money deal and help you clear up a boat load of bad debt.

• Refinancing on lucrative properties- If theres a property with great long term potential you might think because its a short term loan, Arizona hard money isn’t exactly a good idea. However, in this case you’d use Arizona hard money financing and make a full cash offer before your competition can. After buying the property you’d simply apply for a long term mortgage, using the proceeds from refinancing to pay off your Arizona hard money provider.

So the based on a hard asset thing we mentioned earlier is actually pretty exciting. Because Arizona hard money is secured by an asset, investors with credit issues or who need quick cash can truly benefit in these types of deals. Nevertheless its important to have a plan to resell, or refinance, before going into a Arizona hard money deal.

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