September 14, 2019
Top 5 Reasons People are Denied Arizona Business Loans
September 24, 2019


Hard money loans can be used for various purchases. Typically, they are used for real estate investments such as a fix and flip home. However, hard money lenders will also approve business loans.

Hard money is money that is supplied by private lenders versus banks or credit unions. It is called hard money because typically it is secured by an asset, such as property. Many people don’t know that hard money lenders will lend to borrowers seeking out a start up business loan. These loans work a little different that a typical hard money loan.

There are different types of hard money lenders. They are all either people or companies that has enough money to lend. Some lenders only work with a few people at a time where others lend money to thousands of people at a time. And, there are some lenders who will loan money to a start up business. Some secure the loan with the business owner’s property. This type of lender will only loan to a borrower who has an asset that can be repossessed in the event of non-payment. Then, there are merchant cash advance lenders,

Most hard money lenders are merchant cash advance lenders. These lenders will lend to small businesses, whether they be start-ups or an existing business that is expanding, in exchange for part of the businesses future earnings. Typically, these lenders will deduct a percentage of the credit card transactions. Once the loan is paid off the lender will have no more rights to the earnings of the business. However, each lender may handle the loan differently.

There are multiple advantages of a hard money business loan. Hard money lenders will lend to businesses that don’t have much collateral or income. They also don’t typically require the borrower to provide them with a sales history. And, approval happens quickly. These loans are generally approved within 48 hours. This is a fast and easy way to get a business up and running.

Gaining approval for a business loan is not easy; especially if you have any dings on your credit report or have had to go through foreclosure or bankruptcy.

A hard money business loan can help many small business owners. However, it is imperative the applicant thoroughly check out any companies or individuals that they are considering borrowing money from. It is helpful to set up an appointment and meet with them. Borrowers should get detailed information that will provide the interest rate and payment plan. Also, potential borrowers ought to ask the lender about their experience with hard money business loans.

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