How To Find Reliable Hard Money Lenders For Your Borrowing Needs

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September 5, 2019
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How To Find Reliable Hard Money Lenders For Your Borrowing Needs

With fewer restrictions and guidelines governing Arizona hard money lenders, it is important to be sure that you are selecting the best lender to meet your needs. These tips can help you make a wise choice.

Unlike banks and mortgage companies, hard money lenders in Arizona are not federally regulated, nor do they have as many rules and regulations that they must follow. Each state has its own system to regulate hard money lenders in Arizona, and most are governed by the Bureau of Real Estate. That means that borrowers have a lot more research to do when working in hard money because there is more to making a good selection than just finding an honest lender.

In most cases, each private lender focuses on a specific type of lending. This could be large commercial rehabs or fast residential fix and flips. But you want to be sure to select a lender who is familiar with the type of project that you are doing. This will help to get the relationship off on the right foot as you both have a realistic expectation for the project and the loan. And if you are new to borrowing hard money, your lender can be a great resource for you during the process.

To learn more about each lender that you are considering, it can be helpful to have a list of questions prepared. The answers will allow you to make a comparison based on the answers from all of the potential lenders. Some key questions include:

• Are you a lender or a broker for another lender?

• Do you check my credit, and do you have a minimum credit score that you will fund?

• What documentation do you require with the application?

• How many loans do you process per month or year?

• How long will it take to get a response to my application?

• How long will it take to fund an approved application?

• Will you provide a written quote showing all fees and the total cost of the loan?

• Do you charge an early repayment penalty?

• Have you ever foreclosed on a loan?

• Will you provide a list of references?

How You Should Use This Information

Obviously, the total cost of each loan is a major point to consider. But you also want to consider the specialty of each lender and how willing he or she appeared to be when you asked for special terms or clauses in the loan agreement. Timing can also be important if you are trying to secure a very affordable property that has a lot of competing offers. Some borrowers assign a point scale to each question while others just go off of a total feeling after learning about each lender.

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