How to Make Money with Spec Home Financing

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September 6, 2019
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September 8, 2019

How to Make Money with Spec Home Financing

When it comes to investment property loans, you may not know where to look—or how best to make a profit. Read more below to learn the differences between public and private money lenders when it comes to spec home financing.

First things first: the loan. Who do you go to? When seeking out a proper money lender, you will get to choose between public and private lender. Public lenders are the most common, traditional option. They are composed of banks and credit unions, making it easy for you to discuss your options with your local neighborhood lender. However, they have steep requirements and expectations which can easily exclude borrowers from signing with them. That’s why borrowers may turn to private hard money lenders.

Private Arizona Hard Money Lenders are made up of individual companies and investors. These are people who can work with you on a more individualized basis, and will look for more than just your financial history to determine if you are a reliable money borrower. This untraditional option benefits many because there are fewer regulations to maintain, and can be an alternative borrowing option for people interested in spec home financing.

How Private Hard Money Lending Works

Immediately, there are pretty obvious benefits to working with a private lender on your project. They can get you the money while others can’t, and they can get it fast. This is advantageous on an especially competitive real estate market. However, there are a few things you need to know: it all comes with a cost. Hidden fees and high interest rates are something to watch out for. Your private hard money lender can offer you a personalized and flexible money borrowing experience, but it comes with a price—and a quick repayment period. If you move forward with them, you need to be sure you put in the time, energy and research into ensuring you have a solid project that is both reasonable and marketable.

How to Become a Successful Money Borrower

No project should ever be rushed—especially if it is your first one. Take time to ensure that your project has potential. Don’t just take the first property that is available to you, or the cheapest one. One major tip is to seek an improved property. This means a property that already has key features on the property—like water and power lines, curbs and sewers—that won’t be a cause of worry later. Additionally, your improved property should be in an attractive location, in distance to local businesses, restaurants and entertainment. When your project is finally on the market, it will be more appealing to buyers than a property, even a nice one, in a wildly remote location. Lastly, remember that your private lender is going to want to invest in a property in their geographic location. So, if you are seeking out Arizona investment property loans in Arizona, call the reputable lenders at Level 4 Funding. We will work with you so that you can make the most of your explorations in the housing industry.

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