How to Use a Renovation Loan to Make Money

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August 31, 2019
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How to Use a Renovation Loan to Make Money

As home rehabs have become a huge deal over the last few decades, more and more people are looking for Arizona renovation loans to fix up a property. Whether it’s a quick flip or a place where you’ll stay for a bit, a loan can help you get it done.

Ever looked around your home and gone, “it’s seriously time for a renovation?” We have no data to back this up, but we posit there’s been a marked increase in these renovation thoughts ever since HGTV became a thing. You watch a couple turn a hideous home into a magazine photo layout and suddenly your pink countertops and green carpeting start looking even more outdated.

Renovations aren’t just about improving your home’s aesthetics, either. Buyers want the latest and the greatest and they’re willing to pay more for it, so doing a home rehab can increase its value by quite a bit more than the money you put into it. In fact, there’s not really a downside (except for maybe the blood and sweat you’ll expend if you do it yourself).

But home renovations are expensive. Where can you get the dough to make upgrades? Let’s take a look at some options.

Getting an Arizona Home Renovation Loan

● Banks. Banks sometimes offer home Arizona renovation loans to qualified borrowers. The key word here is “qualified.” They’re the big guys, so they generally get to call the shots. Have a low credit score? You might be out of luck. Had a foreclosure in the past? They might show you the door. Don’t have a big fat paycheck? You might be persona non grata.

● Hard Money Lenders. Hard money lenders usually have a more “mom and pop” feel. They use money from private investors and many specialize in lending money to people who want to flip homes, do renovations, and be a part of the real estate game. They’re not the big guys — they can sit down and listen to your story, hear your plans, and get fired up with you. They’re not bound by as many restrictions as the banks and borrowers use collateral to secure loans, so they aren’t as concerned with your credit, your past history, or your current bank statement as the big banks.

Home Arizona renovation loans in Arizona

Arizona renovation loans might not be for everyone. But, if you’re ready to increase your home’s value or rehab a property, they might be perfect for your situation. There’s one easy way to find out — give us a call or shoot us an email today to talk about your project.

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