Top 3 Things to Consider When Taking Out Commercial Private Loans in Arizona

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September 7, 2019
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Top 3 Things to Consider When Taking Out Commercial Private Loans in Arizona

Commercial private loans in Arizona come from individuals rather than banks. It’s important to learn the benefits and pitfalls to know if this type of lending is right for you.

1. You’ll probably be looking for a hard money lender. Although Commercial private loans in Arizona can come from virtually any non-institutional source, such as friends, family, acquaintances, and professional connections, chances are these people aren’t breaking down your door to hand you cash. Hard money lending is different in that these investors are actively seeking deals to fund, though you’ll probably have to connect with a broker to find the right one for your needs.

2. Most specialize in real estate. Although you can borrow from an individual under a variety of circumstances, most who work in the commercial sector serve the real estate industry. In these cases, the property being purchased backs the deal. However, businesses can use their buildings and property to secure funding for other ventures too.

3. You’ll need to have some of your own cash to get the deal off the ground. Lenders focus on loan-to-value, shortened to LTV. To get the LTV, you’ll take the amount you want to borrow and divide it by the value of the property. For example, if you have a commercial building you want to leverage or are purchasing a home to flip, its value is $100,000, and you want to borrow $80,000, your LTV is 80%. This is actually a good place to be, but some won’t go higher than 60 LTV and others will provide well-qualified borrowers with solid plans 90 LTV. Either way, you’ll have to have some of your own cash to get started.

Your Eligibility Does Not Rest on a Credit Score

One of the great things about leveraging Commercial private loans in Arizona is that your credit doesn’t always matter. While each potential lender has his or her own requirements, and some do care about credit, you’ll see less of this in the hard money sector. That’s because the value of the property backs your loan. With traditional lending options, the person giving you cash is betting on you and looks at your history to see if you’re the type of person who’s likely to make good on a loan. Obviously, individuals care about this too, but they use different logic. If you’ve got a good deal that’s going to make you money and you’ve put some of your own cash into it, you’re going to stick with it. In the even that you don’t, they’re still protected because the property has value.

If you can prove you’ve got a successful plan, you’re likely to get funded.

When it comes to commercial private loans, a lot of the approval process has to do with examining the plans you’ve made and ensuring the numbers add up and offer a solid profit margin. Particularly when you work on the hard money side, you’ll also need to ensure you can pay off the balance when it comes due. They’re short-term options, so most pay them off by selling the property or refinancing at the end of the term. Lastly, you’ll want to work with a broker who can help ensure you’re matched with the right individual and best possible terms. That way, you’ll keep more money in your business and will have a smoother process overall.

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