Commercial Private Loans: Reputation is Everything
September 11, 2019
September 14, 2019


Hard money lenders are private investors who will lend money and use the property as collateral. Typically, these loans are approved for real estate investors.

Real estate investors are constantly looking for a great real estate investment. While they are searching for these investments they are also looking for financing. Real estate investors usually have more than one project going; and often they have multiple loans out. Where are they getting all this financing? Certainly not from a traditional lender. Banks and credit unions are not comfortable with a lender whom already has more than a couple of loans out at a time regardless of their credit score and income. Unless these investors have money on the side they must find financing to stay in business. Hard money lenders are typically where real estate investors go for financing. Hard money loans can be used to buy rental properties, fix and flips and commercial real estate.

Hard money loans are short-term loans—typically two to five years—that are secured 100% by the real estate. Instead of the loans being backed by the credit of the borrower they are backed by the value of the investment property. There are a few situations that having a hard money lender on hand will be beneficial. Turnaround situations—this is when a property is purchased and needs to be turned around for a profit in a very short amount of time. Often a real estate investor only needs financing for a short period of time. For example, an investor purchasing a fix and flip only needs financing while the house is being rehabbed. Once, the house is sold the investor no longer needs any financing. Instead, they take the money from the sale, repay the hard money lender and the rest is their profit. Another popular reason to seek hard money is borrowers who have poor credit. The substantial equity in the property will make up for the poor credit rating.

How can a borrower find a hard money lender?

It is very easy to find a hard money lender. They aren’t hiding in dark alleys or on a “I know a guy who knows a guy” situation. It couldn’t be easier to find a lender. Take your typing fingers to the internet and search your city and hard money lender. There are several other ways to find a lender such as attending certain real estate functions and asking around. If you are looking for more information on local hard money lenders and how they can help, contact us at level4funding.com.

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