When To Use Commercial Hard Money Lenders

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September 5, 2019
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September 7, 2019

When To Use Commercial Hard Money Lenders

If you are having trouble securing a traditional loan, then you might think that you will never be able to become a real estate investor. But in most cases, you can work with Arizona Commercial hard money lenders and find the loan that you need.

Most borrowers turn to a bank, credit union, or mortgage company when they are in the market for a loan to purchase a commercial property. But the challenge there is that borrowers need to have a credit score of over 700, a ton of documentation regarding their personal and business financials, upfront fees for inspections and appraisals, and about three months to wait for the loan to get processed and the money to be in hand for the closing. But when all of those things are not falling into place, there is a solution.

Arizona Commercial hard money lenders are private lenders who offer legitimate commercial loans but with a few different criteria and qualifications than a traditional lender. These loans do not require a really great credit score, there are no upfront fees, the documentation required is minimal, and the loan can be approved and funded in less than two weeks! All of this is possible because the loan is secured by the property that you are purchasing. This makes asset-based loans far more flexible and accessible to many borrowers.

But there is a slight drawback to working with Arizona commercial hard money lenders, and that is the cost of the loan. Because the lender is assuming a greater risk by lending to someone with a lower credit score, he or she is going to want to earn more for that increased risk. In some cases, the loan fees and increased interest rate will make the loan 20-30% more costly than a traditional loan, but it is still far better than not getting any loan.

Benefits Of Commercial Hard Money Lenders

One of the most important features of hard money lenders is that the deal can be completed quickly. This is critical when you are working in the real estate investment business and need to grab a hot property quickly. The short term of hard money is also perfect for the fast fix and flip deals in real estate investing. And if you are carrying a lot of debt or just have really bad credit, then hard money lenders are going to be your best friends.

Not All Borrowers Have Bad Credit

In addition to the borrowers who can’t secure a traditional loan due to credit issues, there are many other ties that hard money is very useful. When you are purchasing a unique property or there are very unusual terms, most banks are not interested in funding the loan. These loans are also a great way to use the equity in a property to make renovations or even to purchase another property. And if you are not a citizen but need a loan for a property purchase, hard money is certainly the way to go. While the cost of the loan is a little bit higher than a bank loan, hard money opens up many opportunities that banks are not willing to fund.

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