Why Borrowers Are Using Private Money Lenders

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September 6, 2019
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September 8, 2019

Why Borrowers Are Using Private Money Lenders

Banks are the traditional way to seek out loans—right? Right. However, they are also a pretty common way to be rejected for a loan. Read more below about why people are seeking out Arizona private money lenders for all of their loan needs!

When it comes to banks, loan requirements are no joke. Banks have strict loan regulations that can make it difficult for the ordinary lender to obtain a loan if they’ve had imperfections in their financial history. A generalized view of borrowers is a common way for banks to determine quickly and easily what kind of borrowers are capable of the loan repayment process, as well as predict which loans will yield successful results in profits. Though, what happens if you need cash fast? Are there other options for you to consider?

The short answer: yes!

If you put in the research, it is likely you will be able to obtain a hard money loan from a local, private investor. So, what does that process look like?

How Hard Money Works

Hard money is offered by private companies and investors. Benefits of private investors include speed, flexibility, and an individualized loan experience. Though they can be the Plan B for people who are initially rejected by public lenders, they are also great options for people who need fix and flip loans. The fast approval process ensures a speedy process when it comes to obtaining a piece of property off a competitive market, and the quick repayment process is ideal for people who are gain quick profit off of their fixer upper. Additionally, flexibility within the process can be ideal for projects that may be hard to pass by banks. A private investor will be more likely to see the potential of your project through a lens that isn’t as generalized as bank. If you can prove yourself a reliable lender with a solid team of concrete plans, you may not need to worry as much as gaining their approval “financially.” This is how they are able to offer such an individualized loan borrowing process.

Pros and Cons of Private Hard Money

Immediately, it is easy to see how you can reap the benefits of hard money. While hard money is most suitable for those working on a fixer upper, people who are looking to prevent a foreclosure and gain a property of the market fast can benefit. However, hard money comes with a steep cost: fees, and high interest rates. Fees may vary across lenders, and may not prove to be a major financial burden. However, it is essential to consider how interest rates will fit into your loan repayment plan, especially since the loan repayment period is much quicker than that of a traditional loan. These rates can be as high as 5 percent more than other rates on the market. Since Arizona private money lenders can work on an individual basis, it is possible to extend the loan repayment period if they see your reliability and potential. Repayment periods can range from one to five years, depending on your project. If hard money still seems like the answer for you, call the lenders at Level 4 Funding today to discuss how we can best help all your loan needs!

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