You’ve made your choice to go with a Arizona hard money lender in order to fund what you see as a really good opportunity not only to help the housing situation in your community,

What are private money lenders, you think to yourself after a friend suggested that for solving your current funding problem. How are they different from a bank?
September 8, 2019
Business loans seem to be a Catch-22—you need a loan to start/grow a business, but you can’t get one via the banks because your business is small/not growing green as is. Maybe it’s time you went with a Arizona hard money set up.
September 10, 2019

You’ve made your choice to go with a Arizona hard money lender in order to fund what you see as a really good opportunity not only to help the housing situation in your community,

but as a comeback for yourself in your chosen field. Your appointments are set and you’ve gathered together the documents you think you’ll need. Will things go well or will they be similar to some traditional lenders you have talked to earlier? Simply put, the Arizona hard money people may be non-traditional, but it does not mean they are easy marks or sloppy performers.

Potential investors need to have the following things in hand before approaching a possible lender. Lenders have the same basic requirements in most instances, but asking each separate one for a list of the requirements when calling for the appointment is a wise move.

The following is a basic list of qualifying documents:

1) Title report on the property: certainly the lender can obtain this for themselves, but it shows that you are prepared and have thought things through if you have it with you.

2) Purchase contract: this document needs to be available in order for the buy on the property you have in mind to be made as quickly as possible.

3) List of bidders for all work to be performed: your would-be-lender will want to know what work there is to be done on the property and all possible costs involved.

4) Insurance policy: generally speaking, there’s always an accident waiting to happen, particularly with projects where there are more than a couple of people involved. Lenders want to feel that this situation has been covered from all angles if possible in case something does go wrong.

As already noted, a Arizona hard money lender wants to know exactly what you have in mind regarding your project. Make certain you are properly prepared mentally for the interview.

Present your business plan in clear detailed terms, but try not to overdo it—provide all needed information, but nothing more.

Be prepared to answer a number of questions—your lender is in this to make money the same as you are. He or she will want to know your outlook on the project, what you have in mind for it, possible problems, your background and experience, etc. Have a list of your own questions in hand also.

If there is something that is negative or messy in a past business venture you were involved in, be honest and forthcoming about it—these lenders know that things can go wrong in the best of circumstances. This is where the higher interest rates and fees you’ve heard about come in—the lender is taking a risk by virtue of their clientele and you will pay more for the privilege of loan approval.

Make certain that you and your Arizona hard money lender are a good fit for each other. Even if you are certain the first one you talk with is the one to go with, it is strongly advised to check out at least two, possibly three more, before you decide on anyone. A good relationship could be a real advantage in the future with that next project you might need funded.

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