Bridge Loans: The Help That’s Right for You?

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October 27, 2019
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October 29, 2019

Bridge Loans: The Help That’s Right for You?

Bridge loans allow investors and developers the opportunity get their unrealized projects off the drawing board and into reality. These loans allow investors to take advantage of opportunities when funding is unavailable, for reasons of bad credit, speculative projects, or if the investment property is in poor condition or suffering due to low occupancy.

Bridge financing acts as a bridge between a properties initial purchase and its eventual refinancing or resale. If a borrowers financial profile doesn’t meet the bank’s criteria, they’ll face consistent denial. Loan officers might shudder at a project that seems particularly speculative, say demolishing a building to make way for a new development or if a property suffers under low occupancy or poor condition, in these cases conventional lenders are not going to risk getting involved.

The Benefits of Bridge Loans really shine in situations like the following

Bad Credit: Say a developer took a hit on their last project. Work got stalled, and all at once his lender called his loan, and let us assume he defaulted. Now the site sits vacant, and his financial situation prevents him from getting another loan. He approaches a bridge lender and says “I only have a little work left here I just need a bit more money,” after receiving bridge financing work on his development finishes, the banks are well pleased with all the extra income he’s earning. Finally, he’s able to refinance to a long-term mortgage, which pays off his bridge loan and allows him to enjoy a steady stream of income from his shiny new development.

Speculation: Our developer sees a derelict factory in a blighted industrial area, where the local university will be building their new campus. Our developer is pretty convinced he can develop low-cost apartments in place of the factory and make a boatload. But the bank considers the area, and says no, as they can’t see his vision. With bridge financing, our developer can build his apartments. They quickly reach almost full occupancy after the new campus opens allowing our developer to sell off the new complex, paying off his loan and earning him a tidy profit.

Neglected property: An unscrupulous landlord has been nickel and diming his tenants for years, disgruntled renters have been steadily moving out, and the landlord seeing the apartments as being more trouble than their worth, puts the property on the market. Our buyer is convinced that with a few improvements and more reasonable management the property can quickly turn to full occupancy. But the bank considers the current state of the property and denies him his loan. With the help of bridge lender, our buyer manages to purchase the property, makes a few small improvements and under his patient care, the complex achieves near 90 percent occupancy. Just a few necessary improvements, and a little competence on his part and our investor can refinance, allowing him to earn a generous income from the once god-forsaken apartment complex.

In short, bridge loans can help your dreams come true

Without the help of bridge financing, none of the developers mentioned above would have ever seen their projects move. Bridge lenders are willing to speculate on a properties potential, looking beyond a borrower’s poor financial situation, a projects seemingly speculative nature or a properties derelict condition.

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