First Timers Loans To Flip Houses in Arizona

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October 3, 2019
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First Timers Loans To Flip Houses in Arizona

As a first-time flipper, it can be difficult to find the appropriate loan. But there are a few tips which can help you secure your first Loans To Flip Houses in Arizona.

When you are getting into the house flipping business, there are many unique aspects of the business that you will need to learn. One of the first challenges that you will face is securing your first few Loans To Flip Houses in Arizona. The process is not anything like getting a mortgage for the home that you will be living in and as a homeowner, it would be very difficult to qualify to carry two traditional mortgages at the same time. For that reason, most flippers are fond of using hard money to finance the purchase of a property to flip as well as to cover the cost of the renovations and repairs.

Hard money is a short-term loan which is designed to be used by real estate investors. These loans are considered non-traditional because they are funded by a private lender and not a bank or a mortgage company, which is considered a traditional lender. The most common term for a hard money loan is between six months and a year but the term can vary because you are working with a private lender who is much more likely to customize the terms of the loan to meet your needs than any traditional lender would.

Another reason that investors choose Arizona Hard Money Loans To Flip Houses in Arizona is that these loans are asset-based. What this means is that the amount of the loan is determined by the value of the collateral, which is the property that you are buying. So the borrower does not need to be worried about having a great credit score or a very low level of debt. This is what allows a new investor to enter the market without having saved the entire purchase amount of the property.

Hard Money Loan Down Payments

The loan that you are getting to purchase a property must always be for less than the total value of the property so that the lender has some sense of security. If you as the borrower default on the payments of the loan, the borrower will take possession of the property and sell it to recover his or her money. So to ensure that the property value is always greater than the balance of the loan, the lender will require a down payment of 20% to even 25% of the property value.

Understand The Interest on Loans To Flip Houses in Arizona

Being that hard money is both a short-term loan and an asset-based loan makes them perfect for flippers. But this convenience does come at a price. You can expect to pay anywhere from 125 up to 21% or more for a hard money loan. The lender will determine the interest rate based on his or her perception of the risk involved in the loan. The more risky you appear the higher the interest rate. But remember that you will only be paying that high rate for a few months and hard money is a great way to get your foot in the door as a flipper and a real estate investor.

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