Advice to Hosts About Arizona Airbnb Loans

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November 3, 2019
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Advice to Hosts About Arizona Airbnb Loans

Airbnb is now offering loans to prospective hosts. These Arizona Airbnb Loans can be used for renovation as well as construction from the ground up.

Airbnb is taking an active role in ensuring that the homes they offer to rent on their site are pleasant to stay in. In order to accomplish this, they have begun offering hosts Arizona Airbnb Loans for home improvement and have gone so far as to partner with a host for construction of an apartment block in Florida. From the origins of Airbnb as a site connecting holiday travelers with a room that a host has to rent, to a site that is an alternative to traditional hotels, Airbnb is moving further away from its origins. This has also triggered questions by regulators worldwide and irritating hosts who maintained a laissez-faire attitude. The regulators further question Airbnb about the company’s precise nature of its business.

The Arizona Airbnb Loan program is tailored by the company to offer home improvement loans to hosts. This Arizona Airbnb Loan program has been dubbed by the company as “Airbnb Select.” Airbnb identifies homes and hosts that are more likely to appeal to travelers desirous of a hotel-like experience coupled with high quality. Airbnb will highlight these homes in their portfolio. Airbnb offers advice on cosmetic improvements such as shooting the best eye appealing photographs to loans which are repaid through future bookings on the property.

In an effort to create more standardized offerings, Airbnb educates their hosts in the art of showing a room or home in its best light. That may include suggesting they place rolled up towels in a basket in the bathroom to cleaning the counters and placing their own products there. Hosts are urged to explore and learn from high quality hotel bathrooms. They also note that too many pictures of your dogs may make the guest(s) uncomfortable.

Airbnb as Partners

Airbnb is attempting to convert their offerings to a more “Hotel Like” experience. In some locations, Airbnb is partnering with the hosts in order to create this. Airbnb partnering with hosts from the time of construction allows the hosts to offer luxury apartment building perks such as swimming pools to visitors as well as other communal areas without violating the building’s regulations. Through the partnership between landlords and developers, Airbnb can create value to better serve its tenants.

Airbnb is, in essence, asking hosts to take on more hotel-like responsibilities. The changes they are implementing risks the chance that the existing hosts rebel.

Airbnb has shifted complying with the myriad of local regulations for short term stays to the hosts. Some localities have welcomed the shifting of complying with local ordinances to the hosts while, in some instances, the local authorities have fought strongly against this. In New York City, the city council passed a law making it illegal to advertise unlawful rentals. Airbnb wound up suing New York City for passing this bill. Airbnb has been able to stay on the right side of the law in most localities. If you are looking to get into your first Airbnb rental, give us a call at Level 4 Funding. We work with hundreds of investors, some of which specialize in this lucrative investment strategy.

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