What are Arizona Bridge Loans and How Do They Work?

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November 1, 2019
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What are Arizona Bridge Loans and How Do They Work?

In certain types of real estate markets, Arizona Bridge Loans are popular and serve both investors and home owners. If you are currently in an existing home and want to purchase another home before your existing one sells, this type of loan offers an optimum short-term loan that can help you achieve this goal.

Understand that Arizona Bridge Loans are not without risk. These loans are not permanent loans. They are meant to be short term in nature and, as the name implies, “bridge” the gap between the existing home and the new home mortgage. They are secured by the existing residence. In reality, you are borrowing your down payment.

Set guidelines are not established by all lenders, such as minimum FICO score and debt to equity ratios. Funding of the loan is approached by underwriting as lenders determine if the loan “makes sense.” The key to the loan is that long term financing is obtained on the new home. The loan payment may be excluded by some lenders for qualifying purposes. Most borrowers have an existing loan on the current residence; so many lenders will add the two mortgage payments together. Most buyers are going to close on the new home before they sell their existing residence.

Higher debt to equity would be accepted by a lender if the mortgage for the new home is a conforming loan. If the new home is a jumbo mortgage, then the lender will restrict the buyer to a 50% debt to equity ratio. There are fees associated with Arizona Bridge Loans. Interest rates can fluctuate and vary depending on lender and location. Some of the fees that a borrower will need to pay are:

1. Administration fee

2. Appraisal

3. Escrow

4. Title Policy

5. Wiring Fee

6. Notary Fee

Based on the amount of the loan, there may be an origination fee. There may be points charge of 1% of the loan or more.

Risks and Rewards Associated with Arizona Bridge Loans

In a “move up” home, if you are tight on cash and your existing home has not sold, you can finance the down payment by taking out a home equity loan or a bridge loan. In a tight market, waiting until your home sells can result in the loss of your dream home that just hit the market. After all, buyers will prefer a full offer over one that contains a contingency. If you proceed in purchasing a home before the existing one sells, then be prepared to pay two mortgages. Bridge loan benefits include the following:

· You can buy without restrictions and immediately put your existing home on the market

· You may be given a few months grace period on a bridge loan before the first payment is due

· When you place the bid for the new home, you remove the contingency when making the offer for the new home

Bridge loan drawbacks include:

· Home line of credit costs less than Arizona Bridge Loans

· A stringent requirement that the buyer may not qualify for is that they can meet the financial requirement to pay two mortgages

At Level 4 Funding, we offer Arizona Bridge Loans as well as construction, fix and flip, and Arizona Airbnb Loans.

As with all loans, various lenders, particularly private and Arizona Hard Money Lenders, offer various rates and terms along with underwriting processes and qualifying demands. At Level 4 Funding, we have streamlined the process and can let you know the status of your application in as little as 24 hours. Call us for a no-obligation quote.

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