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There are a plethora of reasons to use Arizona Hard Money Loans, the top advantages being speed and flexibility. With that in mind, Arizona hard money loans are a financing tool all investors should utilize.

Choosing a lender for your investment is an extremely important decision. Make sure your lender can accommodate your needs before signing on the dotted line. Listed below are some of the top reasons Arizona Hard Money Loans are becoming more and more popular for investors.

1. Flexibility— Conventional Bank loans are known for their rigid regulations. These regulations often prevent borrowers from acquiring approval. Hard money lenders have their own criteria for approval, but it is much more lenient than a traditional bank loan. For example, most banks won’t even entertain a borrower with a credit score below 650. Although your typical hard money lenders want to see borrowers in the mid 500’s, there is flexibility.

2. Faster Approval—Applying for a conventional bank loan requires lengthy applications and it can easily take weeks to hear if you are approved. With a hard money loan borrowers can receive a conditional approval within ten minutes. Waiting weeks to hear if you are approved means your property could be taken by another buyer. Once a borrower is approved the loan is typically funded within two weeks. Bank loans can take up to two months even with the process runs smoothly.

3. Simpler Underwriting— As rigid as the banks are with their regulations, their underwriting is just as strict. Conventional lenders have exact underwriting guidelines that are based on loan size, location and market trends. Because hard money lenders are private institutions, they are not restricted to any specific guidelines, meaning that they are allowed to approve any project they see can benefit them.

4. Make the borrower’s offer stronger— Using an Arizona hard money loan will strengthen your offer. If a property has more than one offer, and those buyers are using conventional loans, a seller will gravitate towards the buyer with a hard money loan. Why? Anyone involved in real estate knows about bank loans; it is not uncommon for a bank to pull the loan during escrow. Hard money lenders are known as being solid lenders, which helps make sellers more comfortable and secure in their deals.

5. No Prepayment Penalties— Conventional bank loans will penalize a borrower for paying the loan off early with excessive fees. They want to collect all their interest; paying a loan off early deducts that extra interest that the loan accrues. Hard money lenders don’t penalize a borrower for being successful because they want you to succeed. They will set up your loan with no prepayment penalties.

Building a relationship with borrowers is at the top of a hard money lender’s agenda.

Flexibility, faster approval, simpler underwriting, helping a borrower’s offer become stronger and no prepayment penalties are all great reasons to work with a hard money lender instead of a conventional bank, but the most significant reason is building a trusted relationship with an individual. You will know your lender and they will work as your partner. This personal relationship allows them to accommodate your needs much better than a bank.


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