Banks v. Hard Money Lenders: Which Is Best for You?

December 11, 2019
Are Arizona Hard Money Loans Right for You?
December 13, 2019

Banks v. Hard Money Lenders: Which Is Best for You?

When looking for a loan, there are a few places you could go, but how do you know what lender will work best for you? Banks and Arizona Hard Money Lenders have very different loan processes, so it can help to know about each of them to make a wise choice.

With the different loan options out there, it’s easy to feel a little lost. Banks and private lenders are very different, so one may be better than the other for the loan you need. Here are some of the major differences between banks and Arizona Private Money Lenders:

Application process

The bank loan application can be long and complicated, but might work for those who don’t need loans quickly. The process involves bankers going through your information in great detail to determine if you qualify for a loan, which can take some time.

Loan applications with Arizona Hard Money Lenders tend to be shorter and less complex than bank loans, meaning private lenders could be a good choice if you need a loan fast. Because private lenders tend to be more focused on collateral than financial history, the application process here can be much quicker than that of banks.


Bank loan approval is based on your finances, including your credit score and your past ability to pay back loans. A good financial history is your best way to get a loan from a bank.

If you have poor credit or loan history, Arizona Hard Money Lenders are the best choice for your loan. Arizona Hard Money Lenders base their approvals on collateral rather than your finances. Having collateral will motivate lenders to approve your loan, as they will collect your collateral if you are unable to pay off your borrowings.


Banks can be tied to their company policies. If they require a certain credit score for loan eligibility and you don’t meet that, you could be out of luck. Additionally, their payment plans, rates, and loan lengths might be rigid depending on their policies.

Private Arizona Hard Money Lenders have much more flexibility with loans. Lenders can adjust payment plans and other loan elements to help each client individually, which can be great if you need specific issues addressed.

Choose the lender that best fits your personal needs

Selecting the loan provider that is right for you should be based on your individual loan needs. Arizona Private Money Lenders work well for short-term loans that you need quickly and provide a straightforward, simple loan process. Banks could be better for longer loans, and work well if you have good credit.

Research Arizona Private Money Lenders to get more information about benefits, rates, and types of loans granted.

Although banks have their advantages, Arizona Private Money Lenders can work wonders for you. Research private lenders to learn more about their loan processes.


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