How to Make the Most of Your Arizona Fix and Flip Loans

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December 15, 2019
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How to Make the Most of Your Arizona Fix and Flip Loans

If you have your loan and don’t know where to start, look no further. We’ve collected the best methods to transform your space using Arizona Fix and Flip Loans.

When flipping a property, there are several steps you must complete before it’s ready for the market. Thankfully, Arizona Fix and Flip Loans can help you finance your renovations, but it’s important to know how to best use them. For first-time flippers, this ordered list can help you prioritize your renovations to get the most out of your fix and flip loan.

Purchase your property. Before you can renovate a property, you must buy one. Your Arizona Fix and Flip Loans are there to help you purchase a great property without the need to have the money upfront.

Put safety first. When you start work on your property, it’s important to verify that the most important aspects of the house are intact, including plumbing, structure, and roofing. It’s also helpful to ensure that there are no infestations, or any damage caused by mold or mildew. Any complex issues like these are excellent ways to use your loan, as a luxurious kitchen won’t matter to a buyer if there is extreme internal home damage. You need a solid foundation before continuing with other renovations, literally and figuratively.

Create an open concept living space. Open-concept homes are very popular, and don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. If you can eliminate any non-load bearing walls in the common areas of the house, it can be a huge selling point.

Deal with the kitchen and bathrooms first. These are typically the most expensive parts of the house when it comes to design, and they are often at the top of buyers’ lists. Choose décor wisely and make use of what you have. Are the cupboards in good shape? If so, save some cash and refresh them with a coat of paint and a new set of handles.

Revive your flooring. Flooring is a great way to update your property’s look, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The right choice in linoleum or laminate flooring can give rooms a new look without breaking the bank.

Add some fresh paint. With chips, scratches, and abrasion, walls get beat up, and these signs of damage can make a buyer think twice about your property. Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint removes these marks and can make a lived-in home look brand new without spending too much money.

Splurge on some new light fixtures. Adding new fixtures is an inexpensive way to modernize a space and they’re relatively simple to install. You’ll be amazed at how new light fixtures can transform a space.

Put in the time to complete quality renovations

Following these tips and tricks for reno can help you renew your space and make it ready to sell or rent. Skimping on important aspects of renovation like plumbing or new paint can be obvious to potential residents and could make your listing less appealing. Put effort into the most important renovation elements to help secure your future profits.

Your Arizona Fix and Flip Loans can go farther than you think.

Renovating wisely can help you maximize the use of your loan. Choosing the right designs and décor can make a huge impact on your budget and help you extend your loan to complete further renovations.


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