Avoid Putting Cash Down: 100% LTV Commercial Real Estate Financing for Your Business

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January 11, 2020
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Avoid Putting Cash Down: 100% LTV Commercial Real Estate Financing for Your Business

100% LTV Commercial Real Estate Loans Help Businesses Maintain Cash Flow.

The supply and demand, the wax and wane of the market. Day in day and day out, you’ve ground out a living building a business on main street America. You’ve done the time and the homework; you’ve put in the hours to build a business from the ground up. Now, you want to expand your operation. You’ve seen your profit potential and are happy where things sit. However, you know that you can create more and have reached the point of wanting more property to create more profit. Perhaps, you’ve got the money to do it, but perhaps you don’t want to cut into your cashflow—the beating heart of your organization and many investments.

It takes money to make money, and you have money. But, you understand that keeping cash flow intact and borrowing money in order to acquire more property creates less risk. Also, it may present you with a better chance of dealing with the inevitability of market shifts.

You look to conventional lenders but seem to have been rejected due to previous credit history, federal restrictions on property acquisition, or other cumbersome stipulations. After a bit of research, you come across information relating to 100% LTV Commercial Real Estate Financing. Questions enter your mind: What is it? Do you qualify? What are the requirements and respective rates for such a loan?

Can You Qualify for 100% LTV Commercial Real Estate Financing?

After doing a few more Google searches, you come to understand that 100% LTV commercial real estate financing is made possible with Arizona Hard Money Loans, and you see that hard money acquired by leveraging equity in real estate possessed by a business or business owner. While traditional lenders have a hawk’s eye for looking at an individual’s creditworthiness, credit history, or compliance with the hoard of federal lending requirements, you see that Arizona Hard Money Lenders are able to base loans on real estate value rather than credit. The catch is that you must have a significant amount of equity built into your collateral, either by owning property out-right, having a considerable increase in positive equity, or having equity that is greater than the loan amount to be requested. Without the proper equity, you realize that you would have to have a sufficient amount of cash down to buffer the hard money lender in the unforeseeable advent of foreclosure.

Talk to your hard money broker and see if you qualify for 100% LTV commercial real estate financing.

The good news is that you have built up a considerable amount of equity by paying off nearly all of your business’s property. On top of that, the recent rise in real estate prices has considerably increased the value of your equity. Nice! Now the next step is getting a hold of your hard money broker or lender to find out if your property qualifies you to receive 100% LTV commercial real estate financing.


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