Benefit from Arizona Bridge Loans: Invest and Receive Quicker Returns

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January 4, 2020
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January 6, 2020

Benefit from Arizona Bridge Loans: Invest and Receive Quicker Returns

Weigh the short-term and the long-term with Arizona Bridge Loans to find an ideal investment situation.

According to an article in Investopedia, a Arizona Bridge Loans “is a short-term loan used until a person or company secures permanent financing or removes an existing obligation.” This means that the goal of a Arizona Bridge Loans is to obtain some sort of short-term loan in order to secure an investment. In the case of real estate investment, the goal of a bridge loan is to acquire possession of a property within a limited amount of time in order to obtain a more favorable loan and interest rate later.

For example, a real estate investor may use hard money Arizona Bridge Loans to acquire a distressed property, a property that conventional lenders will not finance, for $100,000 at an interest rate of 7% to 15%. After the investor puts $50,000 of his or her own money into renovation on top of the $100,000 acquisition fee, the investor may be able to secure a long-term loan, which would greatly reduce the interest rate that the real estate investor is paying, say to 5% interest.

The long-term goal of a Arizona Bridge Loans is to acquire long-term financing because this would greatly reduce the amount of interest paid on hard money. Hard money is beneficial for the ease of acquisition it brings. But, on the other hand, hard money comes at a cost. It is expensive, with higher interest rates than conventional lenders. Paying up to 15% plus in interest for a long period of time can be crippling. However, if the end goal is to transition to a conventional loan at a lesser interest rate, then the burden of hard money can be greatly reduced.

Arizona Bridge Loans: The Short-Term and the Long-Term Perspectives of Real Estate Investing

For many, the ability to switch out from hard money to conventional lending is out of the question. This may be due to credit score, credit history, foreclosure, or bankruptcy. The things that typically scare conventional lenders off since they paint a negative image of whether or not a borrower is able to pay off his or her loans.

Less interest is more gross. Arizona Bridge Loans may be the business solution for you!

But, on the other side of things, if an individual borrower were to have a favorable credit situation and a stellar credit history, bridging to a conventional loan may be a favorable strategy. Not only would a bridge loan allow such an investor to acquire wholesale property at an accelerated rate in order to get an edge up on other investors chomping at the bit for coveted property, it would also allow such an investor to convert high interest into low interest until the desired property generates a desired return. For those that renovate to rent property, this is especially a benefit because a lower interest rate would guarantee lower annual payments to the lienholder resulting in higher gross.


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