Establish a Steady Income with Arizona Rental Property Loans

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January 6, 2020
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Establish a Steady Income with Arizona Rental Property Loans

Use Arizona Rental Property Loans to start your business.

Anno Domini MMXIIV AD—Giovanni Concato moved to Southeastern Arizona to try his hand in the American mining business to make American money, good money—more money. For years of his life he had lived in northern Italy. He, like his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, had come of age and worked in the marble mines in Carrara, Italy found in the northernmost part of Tuscany. His city was beautiful, nestled between the low mountains and the Mediterranean shore line. Cobblestone streets, stone cathedrals, and brick buildings abounded.

Upon reaching the age of 30, Giovanni grew tired of mining marble. He had neither a woman nor a child binding him to his town. Though he had few academic credentials, he could work large machinery, manage large groups of workers, and complete projects in a timely manner. His supervisors loved him. But overtime, Giovanni came in contact with an international contractor furnishing skilled labor for larger mining projects. Through this company, Giovanni found work in the copper mines of Arizona. A brisk application and relocation process followed.

Having learned English in grade school and possessing a working knowledge of and certification to run heavy machinery, Giovanni rose in paygrade quickly. Over the next few years he saved a considerable amount of that money and established citizenship. This was great. However, something irked him—Giovanni paid steep rent for such a small town, a town where general mortgage payments seemed to be considerably low. In fact, at the time, Southeastern Arizonan rentals nearly charged as much if not more than what a conventional, monthly mortgage was.

Arizona Rental Property Loans Help Establish Long-Term Rental Income

With his savings, Giovanni acquired a private lender offering Arizona Rental Property Loans. He paid 50% LTV on a property to be matched by the lender at the same amount. Giovanni’s investment grossed $25,000 a year less the $7,000 paid in hard money lending fees. He liked the return. He strengthened the return by refinancing the property with a conventional lender for a lower interest rate. Within a few years, Giovanni had paid off his investment and was receiving rental cashflow together with his mining income. The time came to acquire more hard money Arizona Rental Property Loans. After bridging these loans in favor of lower interest rates, his profits continued to grow.

Talk to your hard money broker to see if Arizona Rental Property Loans are right for you.

Eventually Giovanni hired a property manager to manage his property. Here and there, after paying off a loan or two, Giovanni took out more Arizona Rental Property Loans to receive more rental property returns. After a few more years, he had a strong side business that seemed as though it could last for years, establishing both rental cash flow and home equity simultaneously. Giovanni was happy with his business and with what he had built. Not only was he earning a good living working for the mine, but he was earning a good living with a business he had built from the ground up thanks to Arizona Rental Property Loans.


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