Harvard Study Shows You’re Approaching Private Money Lenders in Arizona Wrong

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January 27, 2020
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January 27, 2020

Harvard Study Shows You’re Approaching Private Money Lenders in Arizona Wrong

You want to put your best foot forward when approaching Private Money Lenders in Arizona for funding, but research out of Harvard Business School suggests most people are approaching business situations totally wrong. Catering to people and bragging will not help you get ahead, but authenticity just might.

Prepare to be mind-blown. A collaborative study including researchers both Harvard and Wharton suggests you’re approaching business deals wrong, but then again, most of us are. The study looked at two distinct areas; how people view humblebragging and how they view catering. Both techniques are routinely used in business as a form of self-presentation. People use them as tools to make a good impression, and most people believe they’re effective at getting others to like them.

To test the impact of humblebragging, researchers had more than 100 students answer a fake job question regarding their biggest weakness. Over three-fourths responded with a humblebrag. These are the well-rehearsed lines we’ve all been trained to give in interviews. For example, “I’m a perfectionist and it can be irritating,” or “I’m so driven that I sometimes forget to take breaks,” or “I graduated Ivy League, so my peers can sometimes be intimidated by me.” You probably have your own humblebrags as well; for social media, business meets, interviews, and so on. Unfortunately, these kinds of phrases actually sends the message that the speaker is not self-aware and puts the individual in a less favorable light. In follow-up studies, the researchers discovered that people prefer outright braggers and even complainers over humblebraggers.

The group also tested how catering to someone impacts likability. The situation here, however, was just like what people do every day with Arizona private money lenders. They tested how entrepreneurs were received when they approached investors and asked for funding. In some cases, the entrepreneurs catered to the investors by demonstrating that their interests were aligned or by trying to behave in a manner they felt the investors expected. Although most people believe that catering will make them more likable or trustworthy, the inverse is actually true, according to the study. Those who catered were evaluated more poorly than those who did not.

You’ll Be More Successful if You’re Authentic

Regardless of whether you’re approaching private money lenders, an interviewer, or even your friends on Facebook, people prefer that you’re authentic. Being authentic, in spite of any flaws or shortcomings, may actually be the thing that lands you your next job or gets your next deal funded. That’s because people can see through your attempts to present yourself a certain way and it brings everything else into question.

Temper your bragging with self-awareness for the best results.

There are times it’s ok to brag. For example, if you’re approaching Private Money Lenders in Arizona and you have a great track record with fix-and-flips, show off your successes. Don’t hesitate to demonstrate your skills. However, if you’re asked about shortcomings or challenges you’ve faced, you’ll likely do better to give an honest assessment of yourself, minus the humblebrag.


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