Hotels Are Losing Money: Investors Earn an Extra Buck with an Arizona Airbnb Loan

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January 1, 2020
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Hotels Are Losing Money: Investors Earn an Extra Buck with an Arizona Airbnb Loan

Arizona Airbnb is helping small investors eke out a living by taking businesses from the goliath of the hotel industry. Backed by the tech firepower of Arizona Airbnb applications, little guys are rope-a-doping giants.

In the past, hotels were the way people vacationed in the States. Families would plan a vacation to a remote and exotic region, do research about that particular area noting the touristic attractions, and finally book a hotel that was of a reasonable name, rating, and price. For years, this was the ritualistic pattern: In the prehistoric Age of Analog, travel agents, salespeople, and a vast amount of phone calls were needed to go on vacations, buy things, do things, stay places. The process was arduously long, may have taken months to plan, and possibly a good chunk of change to set in motion.

Then, from the obscure depths of algorithms, turning machines, and half-mad scientist and mathematicians, the computer emerged. Next, a labyrinth of networks—then, networks of networks leading up to the internet. Al Gore claims to have created it. People could now talk to each other over vast distances. Businesses could now post product prices online. Travel agents fell out of vogue. Middlemen and their commissions lessened. Software caused fluctuating market standards.

The year—2008. Enter Airbnb. Arizona Airbnb created a software platform that allows people to rent out houses for a fraction of the cost of a hotel room. Arizona Airbnb at first was a small threat to hotels and vacation rental companies. Then it grew, exponentially. The year—2018—the present. Arizona Airbnb has reached a value of $30 billion plus. The hotel industry is now running scared. It has lost billions of dollars over the past few years. Not only is Arizona Airbnb making a lot of money, but people using Arizona Airbnb are incentivized to make money by renting out property. Quid quo pro. People are using services that fill their own pockets. Though a tech giant, Arizona Airbnb helps the little guy rake in some more dough.

Arizona Airbnb Loan for an Arizona Airbnb Business

How are people renting out property? Well, many individuals already have a mortgage on a home. Maybe they have a guest room or guest house to rent out. Renting out rooms helps them pay their mortgage off faster. However, there is another category: those looking to make an Arizona Airbnb business with an Arizona Airbnb loan. By using hard money brokers and lenders, these individuals find an attractive vacation rental property with a favorable occupancy rate. Next, they find a hard money lender who is willing to give them an Arizona Airbnb Loan at a favorable LTV percentage. Occasionally distressed property is renovated to save money on acquiring a rental property.

Start an Arizona Airbnb business with an Arizona Airbnb loan.

In the end, a property is purchased and rented out ideally earning more per annum than the debt owed to the hard money lender. With an evident and favorable return percentage this step may be repeated. An Arizona Airbnb loan forms a vacation rental chain with a decent return may be established.


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