How to Get Residential Arizona Hard Money Loans

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January 19, 2020
January 20, 2020

How to Get Residential Arizona Hard Money Loans

What are residential Arizona Hard Money Loans? How through your hard money broker at Level 4 Funding, you can get the necessary help and the financing you need.

Residential loans are home loans that are not intended to be used for commercial returns. Instead they are intended to allow a borrower to purchase a property in order to use it for personal housing. Loans can be received to finance a variety of different property types in a variety of different locations.

In the spectrum of hard money lending, Residential Arizona Hard Money Loans are not offered by most Arizona Hard Money Lenders. This is due to the restrictions of the Dodd-Frank, which after the Great Recession changed many of the residential housing regulations especially regarding subprime lending. Because of the Dodd-Frank Act, there are more regulations private money lending for residential purposes. Most Arizona Hard Money Lenders do not want to deal with the bureaucracy and the difficult processes associated with Residential Arizona Hard Money Loans or do not specialize in this area of loans. Those lenders who do deal with Residential Arizona Hard Money Loans tend to focus on a subniche: residential rehab, family residential, multi-family residential, etc..

Residential hard money is able to help individuals purchase: apartments, condos, mobile home trailer parks, multi-family units, raw land, single-family properties, and vacant land. Financing for these types of loans requires cash down in order to fulfill the loan to value stipulations of Arizona Hard Money Lenders. An acceptation to LTV cash down restrictions would depend on personal assets with a strong, positive equity position which would create enough security for the hard money lender.

Talk to Your Residential Arizona Hard Money Loans Broker at Level 4 Funding Today. Get started and Find the Funding You Need

Determine the type of residential property that you need a loan on. Evaluate what assets or cash down you have to leverage in order to begin the application process to receive a hard money loan. Then speak with your hard money broker to find the right lender and rate to finance the property you are interested in.

Avoid pitfalls! Level 4 Funding is here to help you receive your hard money residential loans. Talk to a broker today!

Your hard money broker will guide you through the process and help you to understand whether you qualify for a hard money residential loan and if so what type of hard money residential loan would work best for you.


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