Why Few 100 LTV Arizona Hard Money Lenders Exist (And What You Can Do About It)

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January 21, 2020
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Why Few 100 LTV Arizona Hard Money Lenders Exist (And What You Can Do About It)

If you’re looking for 100 LTV hard money lenders, you’re likely to find few, if any, options. The good news is, there are still ways to fully-fund your real estate investments if you’re savvy.

Before the big market crash, people could find 100 LTV Arizona Hard Money Lenders with relative ease. Obviously, not everyone offered loans worth the full value of a property, but home values were increasing at such rapid paces in most markets that a successfully-funded deal, even at 100% of what it was worth at the time of closing, could climb 5-10% or more in value before the project was even finished. That was one of the big draws to getting into the fix-and-flip market. It was incredibly difficult to lose money doing it.

That being said, the market crash changed a lot. Nowadays, fix-and-flips are still a lucrative field to get into, but you have to be smarter with your numbers because you can’t count on increasing market values to bring you profit; you’ve got to buy low, repair fast, and sell high. Moreover, getting 100% of the value at the time of the sale is unlikely, purely because the market isn’t climbing as fast. Most areas are still climbing, but at nowhere near the rates that they once were. Because of this, it’s more likely that you’ll get a deal funded at 60% of the value, with a few outliers climbing as high as 90%.

If that 90% isn’t going to get you where you need to go, you still have options. First, going with alternative lending means you can make an offer with cash-in-hand. Motivated sellers like that because it means they’re free of their problematic or junk house fast. They don’t have to worry about their buyer qualifying for, and possibly being denied, a traditional mortgage. That means you can often negotiate a better deal for the property, meaning your cost to purchase it would be lower and you’ll have more wiggle room for financing. As a second option, you can also consider cross-collateralization. Instead of relying solely on the value of the property you’re repairing, you could use another investment property or even your own home as collateral too.

An Experienced Broker Can Lend a Helping Hand

If you can’t find 100 LTV Arizona Hard Money Lenders and you’re still struggling for ways to fund your project, an experienced broker can help. Regardless of who funds your deal, they want you to be successful, and so if you’ve got a great property and have the knowhow, a broker can help locate a lender who understands your position or identify other ways to make sure that your deal goes through.

A successful project is a win-win for everyone.

Ultimately, you may not be able to find 100 LTV Arizona Hard Money Lenders or someone to fund a project, but that’s a lesson in and of itself. Savvy investors know when a project isn’t going to be a win, and they’re able to move away from it without emotion and onto something that is going to generate real returns. Find a good project, work with a seasoned broker who can find you the best terms possible, and build up from there.


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