What You Need to Know Before Applying for a Land Loan

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March 10, 2020
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March 10, 2020

What You Need to Know Before Applying for a Land Loan

iStock_000001509328smallIf you are new to the real estate market but are looking to invest, it is important you also invest in research. Before applying for a land loan, read more below about what to expect and what you should do when investing in real estate.

So, you’re new to real estate and you don’t watch HGTV. What do you do to make it on the market? First, put yourself in your loan lender and potential land buyer’s shoes. When seeking out land, you’re going to want to choose something with potential. If you are looking to build or are expecting to sell to a family in the future, you are going to want to choose a nice piece of land in a great location. Land near school districts, businesses, and entertainment venues have the potential to bring in potential buyers. This will keep you near the local community and increase social circles.

Next, your land should have a few amenities. This includes curbs, sidewalks, water lines, power lines, and sewer. Land without this won’t be as attractive to build on. While some neighborhoods don’t have sidewalks, neighborhoods with sidewalks are more attractive to families spending time outside and the active community who may enjoy safe jogging or talking their dogs on walks.

Finally, a few technical things must come into play before applying for your land loan: Home Owner’s Association HOA, terms of the city, and covenants, conditions, and restrictions or, more commonly, CC&R’s. These are the technical requirements of homes built in specific cities and neighborhoods. It’s important to know what you are truly investing in and what kinds of limitations your land project may have before accepting the terms to a land loan.

Where to Get a Loan

So: you’ve found a great property and you are ready to invest—now where do you go?

Most borrowers seek out public money lenders when applying for loans. Public money loans include traditional loan lenders like banks and credit unions. Because public money lenders have high standards and loan requirements that not everyone can meet, they may refer you to Private Money lenders. Private Money lenders consist of private investors and companies. They usually offer hard money and don’t have as many strict loan requirements.

Hard money is a type of loan with a quick loan repayment period—but it also includes a generally speedy process. Private Money lender can usually get the process going within the week, compared to a possible 8 week wait by a bank or credit union. Private Money lenders can also work with you on an individual basis. If you prove yourself as a borrower with solid plans and resources, chances are they can help you out when investing in real estate.

Land Loans in Arizona

If you are seeking out a land loan, consider the qualified mortgage brokers at Level 4 Funding. We offer a free initial consultation and have no upfront fees or costs. As someone new to the real estate market, working with qualified professionals who take the time to focus on you and your project individually can make all the difference in a successful project and loan borrowing. Give us a call today!

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