Why You Should Work with Arizona Commercial Hard money lenders

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February 29, 2020
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Why You Should Work with Arizona Commercial Hard money lenders

If you’re new to the world of loan lending and money borrowing, you may not know the best type of money lender for you. Many people dive into the world of public money lenders, when Arizona Commercial Hard money lenders provide many lesser known benefits to various land investment projects.

When you think of loans, you may think of traditional, public money lenders like your local bank or credit union. However, they are not your only option. Oftentimes, borrowers seek out private hard money lenders because they don’t meet the strict requirements of banks and credit unions.

The first meeting you have with your possible loan lending may be extremely intimidating. It will be necessary for you to gather important paperwork including your income, job history, credit score, and finance history, including your debt to income ratio. Meeting with a bank can be intimidating and trigger your anxieties related to your investment.

Still, private hard money lender provide options for everyone, whether or not you are concerned about your credit score or not. Financial flexibility isn’t the only thing you’ll be thinking about as you move forward with your commercial investment project.

Benefits of Working with a Hard money lender

Hard money lenders offer a few things public lenders cannot:

  • Speed: Some loans can be approved in as fast as 24 hours, which can make or break some investments on a competitive market. Otherwise, the process can be expected to have begun within the week, which beats the month-long waiting period required of public lenders.
  • Flexibility: Hard money lenders work with you. They are flexible to your needs, financial history, and investment plans.
  • Individualized Approaches: Because hard money lender don’t stand behind major public companies, they look at you as an individual, and can often work around and with! your needs.

Arizona Commercial Hard money lenders do come with a cost. Because they provide you with a quick process and a process that adapts to your needs, they have higher interest rates than others on the market. While some borrowers can afford the cost, it is especially important to see how the higher interest rates impact your plans and ability to complete your investment. Additionally, you need to consider the short repayment period. Hard money lenders are known to be flexible and will likely work with you if you need an extension, though the typical loan repayment period for hard money loans is one year.

Why Level 4 Funding

Arizona Commercial Hard money lenders in Phoenix include those of us at Level 4 Funding! We consist of a team of qualified mortgage brokers who can help you with your commercial investment in Arizona or Nevada. There are no upfront fees and it costs nothing to call and ask about our hard money purchasing loans and other commercial loans. Give us a call today and see how we can help you!


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