How can I safely begin Investing in Trust Deeds?

Investing In Deeds of Trust Important Information You Need to Know
November 18, 2014
What do I need to know about Investing in Trust deeds?
November 24, 2014

How can I safely begin Investing in Trust Deeds?

Because you are investing in trust deedsprivately, and therefor do not have all the resources that a bank does, you will surely have to take some precautions. You will secure your

investment by a deed of trust that is recorded against the property title of the borrower’s property. Because you are a private institution and you are unable to be insured by the FDIC. That is more risk to you. However, if the borrower could go through the bank, you would be unable to invest in this kind of opportunity. That is why you have the title. It is in some ways the insurance on your investment.

Along with the deed of trust, you may consider actual insurance. Home insurance will protect your investment from natural disasters. These are hard to predict, but such a step will save you a lot of money in the long run, if such a disaster took place.

What else should I be doing as I prepare to begin Investing in trust deeds? How can I get ready and give myself the best chance of being successful?

You will find that knowing a lot of the real estate jargon will be very helpful as you begin investing in trust deeds. Along with that, an understanding of how the market works, what the projections are like, and other investment terms will help considerably. Learn to understand market values, what the equity in the property is, and what the security of the loan is.

You will also want to be sure of the borrower. Take time to research what their financial standing and credit is, along with their character and integrity. You will be involved with them for quite some time, so make sure that the business relationship will work. You will want to do the same with the mortgage loan broker. These people are also what you are investing in and if you feel uncomfortable, it’s better to stop before you even begin. Many investing in trust deeds end up going to court because of problems with the relationship. And have a backup plan. What will you do if the borrower falls through on payments? How will you handle late payments? Most of that should be decided in the beginning and on the promissory note, but it is good to know in advance.

Like any investment, investing in trust deeds does have some risk, but you may also find it to be very rewarding. You may find that the risk is very much worth it as you begin to make a profit. Just be wise, do your research, and find honorable people to do business with and this may be the most rewarding investment you have ever made.

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