5 Things You Need to Know About Texas Private Money Loans

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September 14, 2015
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When is a Texas Private Money Loan a good option for me?


There are times when Texas Private Money is the best
option for those seeking a loan. Usually it is when they need to turn to
another source after a bank has deemed them to be too much of a risk. If you
are unable to get a loan through the bank, finding a private money source may
be the answer that you need! There are some things that you should know about Texas Private Money before you decide, so that you can make an informed decision.
  • Texas Private Money is a term in banking and finance that
    refers to lending money to a company or individual by a private individual or
    organization. While most usually think of a bank when deciding to borrow money,
    private money is offered by individuals or organizations. These certain
    individuals and organizations may have different qualifying guidelines then you
    would usually expect. There are higher risks associated with private lending
    for both the lender and borrowers.
  • For the most part, Texas Private Money Lender may be close to the
    nation’s average interest rates, but in some cases you will find that it be
    extremely expensive. The higher interest rates usually occur when there is a
    larger anticipated risk. It is when there is a higher risk associated with the
    loan that the private money lender increases the interest rates. So in these
    circumstances your interest will be higher than the going interest rate. This
    is the risk that comes to both lender and borrower in a private money exchange.
  • Private money lenders can be found almost everywhere. Their
    object is to make an above average profit on the return of their money. There
    are some serious risks that come with that return, however. They may not be
    repaid, and often fear that they will not be paid on time. Many times they will
    quickly resort to legal action. In some cases of real estate, the lender will
    get a deed of the property in their name so that if they are not paid they can
    sell the house to cover the cost of the loan. They may also get insurance to
    prevent losses due to any catastrophe on the property. In these ways, Texas Private Money lowers the risks that come with loans.
  • Texas Private Money lenders are not able to work outside the banking laws, and are required to comply with state and federal usury laws.
    But they are able to avoid some of the red tape and regulation that banks must
    abide by such as banking exams. Private money lenders may also have a limit on
    how many loans they can give in a year within a single state before they have
    to get a banking license.
  • All who are interested in Texas Private Money should take
    extra consideration. Many do not recommend private money loans for residential
    homeowners. Indeed, Texas Private Money is usually only used for business
    capital. You should also have an accountant to advise you, as well as a real
    estate attorney to help guide and protect you. Often private investors do not
    have all the knowledge and understanding needed to work outside of a bank. Very
    often these agreements end up in court, so it is helpful to be well advised
    before it gets to that point.

How can I get a Texas Private Money loan?

Many businesses and organizations will advertise that they
offer Texas Private Money loans. Be sure to check into their background and
make sure that they are the kind of people or organization that you feel
comfortable dealing with. Chances are you will be working with them for a long
time. Many organizations are willing to take a risk on you with your loan; just
be sure that you are willing to do the same. In the end, it is just as much
your money as theirs.

How can I find a trustworthy Texas Private Money lender?

What are some things that I should look for?


Ask them if they belong to any organizations for Texas private money lenders. That way they are somewhat
accountable and you have a place to appeal to if needed, before going to court.
It would also be helpful to look through their credentials, and check with
others that have borrowed from them. Most Texas Private Money lenders are honest and helpful, it just helps to make sure you are dealing with one of those.
Texas Private Money loans are extremely helpful for those
who the banks have declared to be too much of a risk. By following these
guidelines you will be sure to be as well protected as you can, and to get the
money that you need.

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