Benefits of Tiny Homes, the Next Trend in Rental Properties

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March 2, 2019
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March 3, 2019

Benefits of Tiny Homes, the Next Trend in Rental Properties

Traditional rental properties have met their tiny match. Finance a tiny rental home of your own with Arizona rental property loans.

Rental homes like Airbnb’s and VBROs can be excellent hobbies that double as investments. Setting up your rental home with Arizona rental property loans can be enjoyable and add to your yearly income. One of the biggest trends in rental properties right now are tiny homes.

More and more people are choosing tiny homes to rent out and even to live in. And no, tiny homes aren’t merely small homes. They are categorized as homes so small that they can be towed if need be, though some are put in permanent locations.

Tiny homes are all about maximizing use of space, eliminating wasted areas and giving you just what you need in a living environment. They’re usually similar in size to hotel rooms but give you the amenities of a full-size home, making them cozy and comfortable. Tiny homes are perfect for short or long-term stays and can make excellent getaways for couples.

Compared to traditional homes bought with Arizona rental property loans, tiny homes have a few advantages. First, they’re much less expensive. Less square footage equals less cost. Secondly, they take less effort to renovate, clean, and upkeep. Think lower costs and less reno time. A smaller space means less fixtures to buy, smaller appliances, and fewer decorations.

Not to mention that they’re adorable. Honeymooners looking for a weekend away don’t need that much space. Tiny homes give guests the best parts of a home in a compact size that wastes no space. Every space in a tiny home is used to its full potential.

Tiny homes also tend to leave less of an environmental footprint since they are so small, making them ideal if you like to stay green.

Where to Find Your Tiny Home

With their rise in popularity, tiny homes can be found many places nowadays. Just some of the celebrated tiny home builders in the U.S. are Custom Container Living, Al Tiny Homes, and Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders.

Really, there are so many tiny home builders out there that there’s more than one option for every price point. Because of their small size and general low cost, tiny homes also offer the chance to go as extravagant or simple as you want based on your taste and budget. Just search for tiny home builders online and you’ll come across some of the most beautiful tiny homes in the nation for great prices. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even build a tiny home yourself.

Finance your tiny home purchase with Arizona rental property loans.

If you’re looking for tiny home financing, Arizona rental property loans could be just what you need. They’re offered at hard money lenders nationwide and will help you fund your tiny dreams.

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