Critical Information for Newbies Seeking Arizona Rental Property Loans

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March 21, 2019
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March 21, 2019

Critical Information for Newbies Seeking Arizona Rental Property Loans

Not all types of loans are the same and that can make seeking Arizona Rental Property Loans a bit scary for new investors. But these few bits of information can be a great help in the learning curve.

Acquiring a first rental property is both exciting and in some ways very trying. The excitement comes from knowing that this first rental property could be the start of a very lucrative real estate investing career. But the trying part begins when the new investor begins to realize that Arizona Rental Property Loans are not the same as a traditional home mortgage.

The first hurdle that most borrowers face is the fact that lenders are much stricter on a loan for an investment property, and they also require a larger down payment. All of this is because Arizona Rental Property Loans and all investment property purchases represent more risk than a mortgage for an owner-occupied property. The biggest reason there is more risk is that a borrower will default on an investment loan long before he or she will default on the loan for the place that he or she is living.

This higher risk means that lenders are going to look a little deeper on loan applications, and they are also going to want to get paid more to lend to the higher risk borrower. The biggest difference that borrowers are going to notice is in the interest rate. If an owner-occupied property loan is charging 4% then expect to pay 7% or even 8% for Arizona Rental Property Loans. In addition, lenders tend to charge a more in points and other fees to process an investment property loan. This can mean an extra point, or it could be additional fees for application processing, appraisal fees or even funding fees.

Your Credit Is a Huge Factor

As with all property loans and mortgages, your credit score is important. In the world of investment property loans, a credit score of 740 or lower is the point when lenders begin to charge higher interest rates. A score of 741 or up will likely get you the best rates that the lender offers. If you are very interested in getting the best interest rate possible, but your score is just a tad under the magic number of 740, then there is often the option to buy down your interest rate. You can request a quote with the best interest rate and the buy-down fees, as well as the rate that you qualify for and do the math to decide which offer works best for you.

More Magic Numbers

Even though you are just beginning the process of your first rental property purchase, it is important to know that most mortgage companies will not even consider a borrower who is already carrying four property mortgages. There are a few options to acquire more mortgages, but you need to have a very large cash reserve, a down payment of 25% and have a credit score of over 720. Knowing these pieces of information will help you to understand the expectations that you will need to meet for your rental property mortgage, as well as what to expect as you grow your real estate investment portfolio.

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