What are Residential Hard Money Lenders in Arizona?

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March 21, 2019
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March 21, 2019

What are Residential Hard Money Lenders in Arizona?

Understanding what Residential Hard Money Lenders in Arizona are and what they offer can be a great benefit when you are entering the real estate investment business. They might not be perfect for every deal but they do offer some unique benefits.

Residential hard money in the real estate financing world is basically a loan for a residential investment property that does not come from a traditional lender such as a bank. These loans can also be called private loans, bridge loans or asset-based loans. Residential Hard Money Lenders in Arizona are the private groups or individuals who are providing these loans to borrowers.

There are some very clear differences in the services offered by traditional lenders and Residential Hard Money Lenders in Arizona. The first of which is the criteria used to determine if the loan request will be approved. Banks use a very long process that examines the potential borrower’s personal credit history, credit score, tax returns, and current overall financial health. Arizona Hard Money Lenders are really more interested in the value of the property being purchases rather than all of the details of the borrower’s personal finances.

This difference in the approval process leads to two more very significant benefits to using Arizona Hard Money Lenders. First, the process is much less complex and difficult for the borrower to manage. Very few documents are requested, and most of it is regarding the property and not personal assets or financials. Second, the loan application process, as well as the approval process, requires just a fraction of the time that a traditional lender needs to process a loan request. In many cases, a hard money lender can have an approval for you in less than a week, and then the money in your hands in just a few more days.

Who You Work With

In most cases, Residential Hard Money Lenders in Arizona are individuals or partners who are in business to make money lending money to real estate investors. This is another great benefit for borrowers as you are working hand in hand with the person who will be lending you the money that you need. This allows you to work with the lender to create loan terms that meet all of your needs, while still providing a realistic return on investment for the lender. Unlike many peoples common misconception, hard money lending is a very legitimate business that works within the letter of the law. You will not be working with shylocks, loan sharks, or other shady lenders, who might not be working in a legal business.

Just a Different Option

There are many different types of lenders other than the standard banks and mortgage companies that most borrowers use for a home mortgage. In some cases, these more creative and non-traditional lenders can better meet the needs of real estate investors or consumers who are unable to qualify for a traditional loan. What is important is that you completely understand the terms of the loan that you are getting and the total cost of the loan so that you can fairly compare and contrast all of your options.

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