Arizona Hard Money Lenders: The help you need to be a successful Real Estate Investor

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May 13, 2019
May 14, 2019

Arizona Hard Money Lenders: The help you need to be a successful Real Estate Investor

You might be a real estate investor going to the bank time and time again waiting too long and missing out on the best opportunities, or you might be continually looking for private investors to fund your next deal, but never finding them. If this is you learn how Arizona Hard Money Lenders might be the help you need to grow as a real-estate investor.

If you’re a real estate investor, you might have gotten frustrated with the tedium of the bank application process. Often a competitive property comes on the market, and you miss out because the bank can’t get its act together. Or you might try to finance a rehab project, and the bank denies your application without an explanation. Or you might want to own more than six properties, and the bank says you’ve exceeded your mortgage limit.

Fed up with the bank, you might try to hook up with private investors. You might find a private investor who promises to fund a time-sensitive deal but ends up scrambling trying to get their funds together causing you to miss out. If you want to take on a risky project, you might spend endless months trying to get investors on board. If you wish to acquire more investment properties, you’ll quickly run out of contacts that have money to give you.

Here’s how Arizona Hard Money Lenders out-shine banks and private investors

Hard money is simply a loan based on hard assets. Unlike banks hard money providers are flexible, and unlike private investors, they’re also reliable. Of course, compared to private investors and bank financing, hard money seems expensive, but consider all the things hard money can offer:

• Making full cash offers on competitive properties- No matter how great your financial situation is, it’s going to take months for the bank to approve your loan application and private investors might not have the funds to close your deal.

• With hard money, you can make full cash offers on competitive properties. Unlike banks, hard money dealers can move quickly, and unlike private investors, they have money to fund your deal.

• Funding risky projects- If your next investment property is in exceptionally poor condition, getting the bank or a private investor on board is going be challenging, to say the least. Hard money lets you take on especially risky projects because these lenders specialize in rehab. You won’t face repeated denials at the bank, and you won’t have to spend endless months trying to convince a private investor to get on board.

• Funding multiple deals in a short time- Banks have mortgage limits, and with private investors, you can only find so many people who can give you funding. With hard money, you can close on as many deals as you’d like, so long as each deal is sound.

What sets hard money apart is this ability close on as many deals as possible, and quickly reap considerable returns. If you use hard money to pull in 100 K over the course of two months, will even notice the higher interest payments? Probably not.

If you really want to grow as a real-estate investor you need to consider Arizona Hard Money Lenders

Unlike banks, hard money providers have flexibility; unlike individual investors they have the funding. If you want to beat the competition, take on high-risk projects or rapidly acquire new investment properties, hard money remains your best bet.

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