Why a Trust Deed Investment is a Better Bet than Stocks

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May 13, 2019
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Why a Trust Deed Investment is a Better Bet than Stocks

Stock prices rise and fall like a balloon drifting on the speculations of Wall Street analysts. Do you want to invest in speculation or something you can touch and feel like real estate? Well thanks to trust deeds, you can build your financial future on a solid foundation instead of the shifting sands of the stock market. Learn the many ways a trust deed investment can outperform stocks.

Now we all know what stocks are, but what exactly are trust deeds? They sound like an inscrutable legal document, typed up in the dusky backroom of some lawyers office. But really, trust deeds are quite simple.

Think of trust deeds as mortgages, where you as an investor act as the bank. A trust deed is a loan that you give to a real-estate developer, and in exchange for your investment, the developer pays you back both interest and principal.

You might think it’s wise to invest in the stock market but think again. The value of a stock is founded on speculation and hot air. A single vague news story can send a stock price plummeting.

In contrast, trust deeds are secured by real-estate. Real-estate has an inherent value, and that value rarely declines.

Here are just a few more reasons why you should think twice before you invest in stocks.

Here’s how stocks fall short in comparison to a trust deed investment

• No guaranteed yield- The dividend a stock pays can change, or eliminated whenever a company chooses. Also, remember the dividends paid by stocks are usually paltry and rarely stray into the double digits.

• No guaranteed return on your initial investment- Whatever money you put into stocks, you have no assurance that you’re going to get your money back. If you buy 100 K in Tesla stock, the value of that stock could plummet to five bucks in the blink of an eye.

• No right to recourse- You can’t foreclose on a company if the price of its stock falls. You won’t be able to force Elon Musk to liquidate his art collection so you can get back the 99,995 dollars you lost by investing in him.

Here’s what a trust deed investment can offer you that a stock can’t

• Guaranteed yield- Unlike a board of directors, a trust deed borrower can’t just decide to stop making interest payments. In addition, you might earn a monthly return of 10 percent or more from a trust deed, which is far more than most stocks can offer you.

• Guaranteed return on your initial investment- Remember trust deeds are loans. Once a borrower signs onto a trust deed they’re obligated to pay you back, in full. Can any stock promise you that?

• Right to recourse- A borrower might be under contract to pay you back, and keep up with interest payments, but what if they don’t? Well, the answer is simple; you foreclose and liquidate the borrower’s property allowing you to recoup most of your initial investment. If you lose money on a stock market, your loss complete and irreversible.

In short, trust deeds offer guarantees, guaranteed interest payments, guaranteed repayment of your initial investment and guaranteed protections.

Stocks are speculation; trust deeds are investments. So don’t waste money speculating on the stock market, instead invest in trust deeds.

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