Arizona Commercial Mortgage Lending 101

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June 3, 2019
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June 4, 2019

Arizona Commercial Mortgage Lending 101

Arizona Commercial investment is great to boost your portfolio in a big, big way. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Arizona Commercial mortgage lending allows investors to expand their portfolio by purchasing a property that can be leased out for business purposes. Arizona Commercial investment can be a huge income stream, much higher than single family residential.

There are four main types of Arizona Commercial investment that you should be aware of when you make your decision to step into the Arizona Commercial sector and begin to seek Arizona Commercial mortgage lending opportunities.


From strip malls to restaurants, retail Arizona Commercial investment that can be a big money maker in a big city like Phoenix.


Phoenix is an urban city with lots of opportunity in the industrial sphere. Warehouses and manufacturing plants are all over the valley.


This is the most common type of Arizona Commercial real estate and can vary widely in size and use. The size can range from single-tenant properties to multistory skyscrapers that can bring in a large number of renters.


This type of Arizona Commercial investment is like a single family residential opportunity, but on a much larger scale. Apartment complexes, condo towers, and four plexes all qualify under the umbrella of multifamily Arizona Commercial investment.

Just like with residential real estate investment, you’ll need to have a business plan for your Arizona Commercial mortgage lending application. Due to the higher dollar amount, Arizona Commercial mortgage lending requires lots of research and evaluation on the part of the investor and the Lender .

If you’re interested in jumping into the Arizona Commercial real estate pool, give Level 4 Funding a call today!

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