Arizona Hard Money Loan Funding: A Step By Step Look

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June 3, 2019
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Arizona Hard Money Loan Funding: A Step By Step Look

The Arizona Hard Money Loan process goes step by step. Here’s a look into the roadmap of funding a Arizona Hard Money Loan.

Arizona Hard Money Loans vary from Lender to Lender , but the process will be very similar no matter who you’re working with. It’s a similar process to getting a traditional loan funded, but without the strict guidelines for credit and debt to income.

There will be tweaks and differences between a Arizona Hard Money Loan and a traditional loan. Here’s the step by step process of a Arizona Hard Money Loan from beginning to end.


You’ll first speak with a Lender about your idea for the Arizona Hard Money Loan. This will include a project pitch that will introduce them to your plan so they can decide if it’s an investment that they want to make. Not only will they ask about your renovation plans, but they will also want to know about your portfolio as an investor, asking about things like past fix and flips or financial investment history.


This is where you’re going to see the nuances between a traditional loan and a Arizona Hard Money Loan. Rather than taking 30+ days to fund, a Arizona Hard Money Loan moves much quicker. The underwriting process is fast so you’ll need to provide things like your completed loan application and scope of work for the flip as soon as possible.

At this point they will also be evaluating the property with an appraisal and title review. That way they have all of the background information on the home before making a decision.


Documents will be signed and funds will be disbursed so that you can officially purchase the home and the Lender can complete the loan settlement. Closings can be different depending on the complexity of the loan, but some will close in as little as a week. That’s the draw of a Arizona Hard Money Loan – quick payout.

Following your closing you’ll receive funds to pay your contractors for the rehab. Lenders can work with you to pay as the work is done, ensuring their investment is being used responsibly and work is being completed as stated in the business plan.

Once your rehab is complete you’ll pay off the loan and can move onto your next investment opportunity!

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