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Private money lenders issue short-term loans for investment properties. These lenders are non-institutional lenders that are sometimes referred to as “hard money lenders.”

Private money lenders typically work with real estate investors looking to purchase and renovate a property; this is also known as a fix and flip. However, private money lenders can help in other situations, as well—such as log-term buy-and-hold investors. Private money lenders can come from a variety of circles— they can be family members, colleagues and acquaintances and, the largest branch—investors and hard money lenders. Basically, a private money lender can be anyone, other than a traditional lender, that is willing to loan money on a property. Because friends and family members can arrange any type of term under the sky with a borrower—in this article we will focus on hard money lenders.

Investors work with private money lenders for two main reasons: short-terms and quick cash. Competing with an all cash buyer is difficult if you don’t have cash yourself. Typically, private lenders will have funds available to the borrower within 10 days. Sellers are aware of how hard money operates and so they are armed. With the knowledge that rarely are there any setbacks when entering into a deal with a private money lender. Bottom line—they know they will get their money and get it quickly.

Investors tend to work with private money versus banks and credit unions because of the short terms. An investor wants to buy a property and sell that property. They don’t want to keep it for years—typically, just a few months. These loans have terms between 6 months and 3 years and interest rates range between 7% to 15%. Generally, private loans don’t carry an early payment penalty, which is great for an investor that sells earlier than expected.

However, there are other reasons borrowers choose to work with a private money lender. Long-term investors that are unable to qualify for a conventional mortgage, but plan to work on their credit and will refinance once those qualifications are met will benefit from the less rigid qualifications of a private money lender. Buy-and-hold investors who are looking to rehab a property before refinancing with a conventional loan can benefit from the flexible terms these loans offer.

Interest on a private money loan is generally assessed as interest only payments. What that means is the borrower will only pay interest throughout the life of the loan and pay a balloon payment at the end of the loan. It is not uncommon to see that, although the interest rates on private money loans are higher than a conventional mortgage, the monthly payments will actually be less. This would be helpful in a situation such as a buyer that is waiting for their house to sell and can’t afford to pay two mortgages.

Family members, colleagues and acquaintances can all work as private money lenders.

It’s not always a good idea to mix money with friends and family—especially if this is a first time investment or you’re in a pinch financially. Many times it is best to work with someone where it is strictly business and in that case a hard money private lender is the best bet.

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