Best Areas in Arizona to Buy an Investment Property

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September 4, 2019
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September 6, 2019

Best Areas in Arizona to Buy an Investment Property

With an Arizona investment property loan, you can get your money working for you, but where are the best places in Arizona to buy? We’ve crunched the numbers.

By all accounts, Arizona is a great place to buy an investment property. Job growth is strong here, AirBnB is legal (making short-term rentals a reality) and the laws are amenable to landlords. In fact, evictions are quick and simple, and non-compliance laws force tenants to pay on time and provide accurate information.

So, the Copper State is primed for incoming investors to get an Arizona investment property loan, but where are the best places to buy right now? Here’s what we found.

Buy Investment Properties in These Areas

  1. Gila County. The median property price here is $217,320 and the traditional rental income is $1,200 per month. Cash on cash return sits at a fantastic 12% and the price-to-rent ratio is a solid 15.
  2. Pinal County. You can find median property prices here of just $135,646 and rentals go for an average of $1,385. That equals a price-to-rent ratio of just 8 and a cash on cash return of 8%.
  3. Cochise County. Median property prices here are a shockingly low $59,900 (for a per-square-foot price of only $59, but traditional rental income stands at $1,190. That’s hard to beat.

And here are some of the best places in Arizona for short-term rentals:

  1. Maricopa County. Home to both Phoenix and Scottsdale, Maricopa boasts a median property price of $149,900 and a price-to-rent ratio of 10. Average monthly AirBnB rental incomes here are $1,692 for a cash on cash return of 5%.
  2. Coconino County. Median property prices are higher in Coconino ($328,243), but so is the monthly AirBnB income, which is currently at $3,053.
  3. Pima County. Pima County boasts the highest AirBnB occupancy rate (74%) on our list and properties can rake in around $2800 a month. Median property price here is $248,135.

Getting an Investment Property Loan in Arizona

As you can see, there are plenty of places in Arizona where investment properties are a good bet. If you need an Arizona investment property loan for a potential rental property in one of these counties (or any others across Arizona), give us a call at Level 4 Funding today. We’re here to help make your dream a reality.

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