How Do Arizona Hard Money Lenders Determine Points and Rates?

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September 4, 2019
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September 6, 2019

How Do Arizona Hard Money Lenders Determine Points and Rates?

Points and rates in the hard money world can seem arbitrary and mysterious. Let’s demystify them and look at how Arizona Hard Money Lenders determine them.

Interest rates, while mysterious in their own way, are at least somewhat understandable for the layperson, but points can be a little more confusing, so let’s break down what they are before we get started. Simply put, points are a percentage of the amount being borrowed that the lender charges to close on the loan. For instance, 2 points on a $100,000 hard money loan would be $2,000. Just like the interest rates, the points you’ll be charged are based on one overarching factor — risk.

Let’s take a look at risk and some of the factors that lenders use to determine risk. Namely, exit strategy, experience, and equity.

How Hard Money Lenders Determine Risk

  1. The experience of the borrower. If you are borrowing to do a fix and flip, a spec home or any new construction, the lender will take a look at how much experience you have. If this is your first time trying your hand at it, the lender might see that as a bigger risk than someone who’s successfully flipped 10 homes in the same area.
  2. The equity of the property. This is especially important if the property is being put up as collateral to secure the loan. If you come to the Arizona Hard Money Lender with solid, verifiable figures on the property’s worth and, more importantly, its future worth, you might be able to negotiate lower points and rates.
  3. Your exit strategy. This might be the most important factor. Arizona Hard Money Loans are like mortgages; they’re meant to be quick and have a specific end date. Luckily, you’re both pushing in the same direction on this one. Both you and the lender want to be able to sell the spec home or flip for a profit within a set period of time. Come to the table with a realistic plan for finishing the project and selling within a reasonable time frame and your rates might reflect that.

Amazing Rates from Arizona Hard Money Lenders

Equipped with this knowledge, you can come to your Arizona Hard Money Lender well-prepared. Here at Level 4 Funding, we have loans with fixed rates of 5.99% and some loans with absolutely no points, plus flexible terms from 3 to 60 months. Ready to see the great rates you can get on a hard money loan? Contact us today to find out!

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