How to Get a Rehab Loan Even With Rotten Credit

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September 4, 2019
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September 6, 2019

How to Get a Rehab Loan Even With Rotten Credit

Got a dream of rehabbing a home? Learn how to get a Arizona Rehab Loan even when you’ve got subpar credit.

In this country, a low credit score can seem like handcuffs, preventing you from doing even the most basic things in life. Renting an apartment can feel like an uphill battle. Starting a business can feel like a pipe dream. Buying a home can feel unrealistic and investing in real estate can feel next to impossible.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Most people think that investing in real estate means going to a bank, sitting down with a representative, going through a long application process and having every detail of your financial life sifted through by a huge corporation.

Here’s the good news — hard money Arizona Rehab Loans offer a great alternative to bank loans for people who don’t have a great credit score or a spotless financial history.

Hard Money Rehab Loan Terms, Qualifications and Rates

So if you can get a hard money loan without a good credit score, the terms must be terrible, right? Not so much. Our loans have terms of anywhere from 3 months to 60 months, allowing for a wide range of fix and flip projects. Interest rates start at just 5.99% and we have loans that can cover up to 90% of the cost of the property and up to 100% of the rehab costs involved in fixing and flipping.

What does that mean for you? It means that even if your bank account is low and your credit score isn’t perfect, you can put a plan in place, roll up your sleeves and do the hard work it takes to make money in real estate. This country was built on the idea of giving hard-working people a chance to build something, regardless of their past or their current standing. Arizona Hard Money Loans allow that idea to flourish in a climate where big banks dominate the industry.

Getting a Rehab Loan in Arizona

Looking for a Arizona Rehab Loan in the Copper State but don’t have a stellar credit score? Finding a loan may be easier than you think. Here’s the best part: speaking with us here at Level 4 Funding doesn’t cost a thing. We have a fantastic track record of helping people get the funding they need to realize their dreams of rehabbing and flipping properties.

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