What is a Arizona Hard Money Lender?

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September 4, 2019
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What is a Arizona Hard Money Lender?

To hear some people tell it, Arizona Hard Money Lenders operate in a shadowy world of private loans and collateral and harsh repayment plans. The truth is not so black and white.

Bring up the idea of Arizona Hard Money Loans to 10 people and you’re bound to get 10 different reactions. Why? There are a lot of misconceptions out there, fueled by ignorance, the banking industry or, in some cases, bad experiences. So let’s take a moment to demystify it a bit.

Arizona Hard Money Lenders offer loans that act as an alternative to big banks. With a bank, loans are doled out based on your financial standing, credit score and history; essentially, your perceived ability to repay. With hard money, collateral (such as a home or piece of land) is put up to secure the loan. This fundamental difference offers a range of advantages.

The Pros of Using an Arizona Hard Money Lender

● You’re more likely to be approved, even if you don’t have a spotless record, a high credit score or a fat bank account. If you have something to put up as collateral, you’ve got a good chance of being approved.

● Your loan terms can be played with to suit your needs. Rates, points and the length of your loan can be adapted to each particular investment opportunity.

● You can get your money much, much faster. With less regulations and hoops to jump through than banks, some loans can go through in a matter of days, rather than months.

With all of these advantages, why doesn’t everyone use hard money? There are a couple reasons. These types of loans can be more expensive than a bank loan, both in interest rates and points. Additionally, some people aren’t even aware that it’s an option for them; they think the bank is the only avenue for securing a loan.

For these reasons, hard money is typically best for short-term loans of around a year, usually for fix and flips or a stop gap before you can refinance.

Finding a Hard Money Lender in Arizona

Finding a good Arizona Hard Money Lender is of the utmost importance. Here at level 4 Funding, we’re here to listen to your investment opportunity and help you find a way to make it work. In fact, we’ve got decades of experience doing this. Want to be the next success story? Give us a call today!

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