Types of Loans To Flip Houses in Arizona

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October 15, 2019
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October 17, 2019

Types of Loans To Flip Houses in Arizona

It is important to know that there are different types of loans available. And some Loans To Flip Houses in Arizona offer more benefits than others.

There are dozens of television shows which have popularized the concept of buying a house, making some repairs and renovations and then quickly reselling the home. The process is known in the real estate industry as flipping. And this process is making a lot of money for a lot of people. But there is more to this business than just buying low and selling high. It is critical that investors understand all of the nuances of using Loans To Flip Houses in Arizona.

There are four common Loans To Flip Houses in Arizona for the average investor. And in this case, average means an investor who is going to need to secure financing and does not have a pile of cash under the mattress. The first method is what almost everyone uses to finance a home, the traditional lenders. These are the mortgage companies and banks that everyone is familiar with. The biggest issue when using a traditional lender is the time involved. Just as the name implies, flipping is a fast process which relies on speed and efficiency to make the process profitable. And anyone who has ever applied for a traditional mortgage knows that the process is anything but fast.

The second method is to use personal credit such as the equity in your own home through a refinance or a home equity line of credit. The personal refi has the same issue as the traditional loan in that the time required does not fit the fast process of a flip. The home equity line is a better fit because you have instant and constant access to the fund. But you are essentially placing your own home at risk by using a HELCO.

Arizona Hard Money Loans To Flip Houses in Arizona

Hard money is a loan that is funded from a private lender rather than a bank or mortgage company. These loans are fast and relatively easy to secure as compared to a traditional loan. This makes Arizona Hard Money Loans the best choice for most real estate flip deals. The drawback on hard money is that the cost is higher than a traditional loan. But when time is critical, hard money is the way to go. Hard money is an asset-based loan so the application process is not as time-consuming or stressful as a traditional credit-based loan approval.

Evaluate Your Options

Even though Arizona Hard Money Loans are more costly than traditional loans, the fast turnaround time is often worth paying for. You could find a property, make an offer, get hard money and complete the refi and flip before a mortgage company would even get you an answer on your application. And the fact that Arizona Hard Money Loans are short term is also a benefit as you are not financing out for a number of years and paying interest for the entire time. There is also the option to use the equity in your home or a line of credit but beware of risking your home on the flip of another property.

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