Understanding Arizona Hard Money Loans

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October 16, 2019
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October 18, 2019

Understanding Arizona Hard Money Loans

Not all loans are perfect for every borrower’s needs. Understanding what Arizona Hard Money Loans are and how they are best used can offer you some unexpected benefits.

Many consumers are completely unaware of what Arizona Hard Money Loans are and how they can be beneficial. The misconception is that these loans are in some way less than legal is completely false. These are simply loans which are offered and funded by private lenders and not traditional mortgage companies or banks. And these lenders are providing the money not so much based on the borrower’s credit score but more on the value of the property being purchased. This is because the property is going to be the collateral for the loan. Arizona Hard Money Loans are sometimes referred to as asset-based loans as well.

There are a few benefits to Arizona Hard Money Loans being based on the value of the property. The first benefit is that the borrower can have less than perfect credit and still easily get approved for the loan. Most lenders would prefer to see a credit score of about 550 or more but each lender is free to decide who they are willing to lend money to. Also, by eliminating all of the background documentation and inquiry into a person’s financial history, the approval process can move much more quickly than a traditional loan. In addition, hard money lenders are free to tailor the terms of the loan to meet the needs of the borrower rather than forcing all borrowers to live within the same terms as banks often do.

All of these benefits make hard money a faster and simpler process when time is critical such as for the purchase of a fix and flip property. Finding a great deal on a property is not always easy and when an investor does, it is like to become a bidding war if he or she cannot get funded quickly to close the deal. In these cases, a flipper can turn to a hard money lender and have the deal done in as little as a week.

A Price To Pay

All of these great benefits are not free. Any loan will cost you money in the form of interest and other fees, but hard money is going to cost you a little more in interest than a traditional loan. Because most hard money deals represent a higher risk, the lender will ask for a higher interest rate to protect his or her interest in the deal. In addition, there could be fees or other terms of the loan that works to protect the lender’s investment.

Due Diligence

Because hard money lenders are private lenders, they are free to create the terms of their choice for any loans that they fund. For this reason, it is critical that you read the entire loan document and understand all of the terms of the loan prior to signing it. Even though the lender is private and not a bank, the loan agreement is a legally binding document and you will be required to follow any agreement that you sign.

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