Find a Lending Niche: Private Money Lenders Arizona Form a Lending Mecca for Real Estate Investors

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January 3, 2020
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Find a Lending Niche: Private Money Lenders Arizona Form a Lending Mecca for Real Estate Investors

Private Money Lenders Arizona may be the means to setting estate investments into motion.

According to a recent article by Forbes, private money lenders are changing the lending industry by financing real estate investors rejected by conventional lenders. Supporting this notion, Bobby Montagne from the Forbes Real Estate Council writes: this “reluctance [to fund real estate investors] has created a growing national market for Private Money Lenders Arizona and a lucrative opportunity for investors in private loan investment funds.” In the US, a capitalistic economy were businesses depend on venture investors, this is great news—the possibility of having lenders lending more money at more competitive rates. Supply and demand.

So why all of the fuss about Private Money Lenders Arizona? What is moving so many investors to get funded by them? Well, many real estate investors are shrewd and eager to see a good return. Whether they are a first-time, ma-n’-pa outfit or a seasoned band of weekend warriors, real estate investors typically look to invest in distressed property, renovate, and generate profit. The problem many real estate investors run into is that banks typically do not like lending on undeveloped property or distressed property. This is problematic for contractors wanting to build a spec home from the ground up. Also, this is problematic for flippers and those who rent because buying destressed property at wholesale value and fixing it up offers more profit than buying a property that needs minimal renovation.

The stone cast out by the builders has becoming the corner of the foundation. Setting the banks aside at first is a good strategy for many real estate investors because they can initiate funding: Private Money Lenders Arizona who step up to the plate and fill in a needed lending gap.

Who Benefits from Private Money Lenders Arizona

Filling the gap is no small thing. Montagne goes on the state that “With the median flip priced at $189,000, [it’s] a $56 billion market.” That’s a lot of money, folks, and a lot of money coming from private investors. Where the proverbial door of conventional banking closes, the door of private lending stays open. This is quid-quo pro. Private Money Lenders Arizona get a good return on roughly 7%-14% of their investments and are covered by the LTV they wish to set. By charging more than conventional lenders they are rewarded more. Real estate investors win by finding a funding niche.

Private Money Lenders Arizona are the financing start that allows for a strong and profitable finish.

For real estate investors with poor credit, the advantage is the ability to find sub-prime lending in the wake of Dodd-Frank. For real estate investors with stronger credit scores, the advantage is finding lending to get the job started. Grease the wheel and get it turning, get a loan on barren or destressed property, build or renovate, then acquire conventional funding. Private money can bridge between hard and conventional, it can start the pace and allow the money to trickle in. Though higher at first, it is a start that allows for a strong finish, a profitable finish.


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